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  1. The only thing I own now is a mflb, I want to order a bong off of grasscity. There's only one headshop within an hour drive and it is mostly overpriced art pieces. I'm looking at under 100 with ice notches. What thickness do I need for it to be considered sturdy? This will be passed around by a lot of high people so who knows what will happen. It seems like the best bang for your buck is Black Leaf - 3-arm Perc Ice Bong with Ashcatcher - Green -
    There are thicker ones without all the extras for more. What do you suggest?
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    well, from what i can gather from people on this site.. black leaf is china glass.. so its not sturdy at all. not even in the slightest. you could tip that thing over on carpet and it could break. I would go with a more reputable name brand that way your quality is ensured.

    personally, i would get a little hvy beaker for around 100 bucks then upgrade to a Sovereignty gridded downstem for an extra 50-60 bucks later down the road. then i would add an ash catcher even later.. it'll be more costly, but you'll be less likely to break your piece.

    another option you should consider is apix design. his stuff usually goes for 125-300 depending on what you get, and I'm sure you could get an unworked gridded stemline from him for not much over your budget. Apix will probably ultimately cost less than the first set up i mentioned and it will probably be just as smooth if not smoother.

    then another option i know absolutely nothing about but i see it on here all the time is ssfg. i believe it stands for soul shine family glass. you should look them up too and see if they can make something up for you in your price range.

    EDIT: check out delta 9 too if you can find one, it was one of my first bongs, and it was pretty sturdy. pyrex glass too
  3. Black Leaf is definitely cheap glass, yeah, but basically what you've got to decide here with the price you're considering spending is if you want a sturdy straight piece with no percs, or if you want a lesser-quality piece that might have a decent perc with it.

    For me, I'm fine with spending, say $100, for a good bong with a perc, because I'm careful with my glass and I know I'm probably not going to break it.

    If it's a piece that's going to get passed around a lot, you might be better off with just a thicker straight tube that has no percs because then you're less likely to break it.

    If you're down with just making sure everyone is careful... and maybe telling people before hand that "hey, you break it, you buy it", and you want something with a perc? Then Black Leaf might be a good choice.

    But don't do that shitty 3-arm perc. Black Leaf has some pretty decent pieces, but that is not one of them.

    You could spend $20 more and get, say: Percolator Bong Ice 'Black Leaf ELITE' 6 arm tree perc - Bongs and Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes -

    Which, while still Black Leaf, looks (to me) to have much higher quality percs and blowing in general than that shitty 3-arm tree piece you're considering. :p
  4. Yeh trust me you don't wanna pass around a flimsy piece like that, and I promise if you get a tall straight tube like 21inches or bigger, your hit will be just as smooth do to the volume.

    Also a 21inch straight tube provides a nice solid hit for anyone, and you could a quality one for cheap, so it would be thicker, and less points to breaks since it much more simple, to where yours has a whole bunch of curves and such.

    Good choice would be like HVY and so... can get a solid straight tube for like 120
  5. I don't want anything taller then 14in. I'm definitley looking for sturdiness over features so I will look at other pieces. What are some quality brands on grasscity. It would be great if I could buy from one of the US based companies so I don't have to worry about customs. Also I use a vape currently to reduce my tar intake would a simple carbon adapter filter help reduce tar. Bongs are a lot more fun then my vape.
  6. Yes carbon filters should help with that, and I would just get any solid straight tube with a diffused downstem that's at least 5mm. And is American glass.
  7. Carbon filters are tricky, they absorb THC, and the "tar intake" is a very small problem, not really something that needs to be fixed.
  8. fuck blackleaf.
    anything ive ever had broke from them really fast. ive got china glass ive had longer than anything from black leaf.
  9. I don't think Chinese people are the ones designing the tubes:p
  10. As an owner of the Black Leaf 3-arm tree perc bong, I can say if I had to choose a different tube, I definately would. I'm always cautious when placing my bong down as the base is a bit thin for my liking. The tree perc is nice along with the ice notches, but I find that when I pull a bit too hard I am greeted by some liquids in my mouth that I would rather not have. Since the tube is rather short, there isn't much room for ice. The most I can fill in is about 2 and they barely fit.

    Aside from thin glass and short length, don't let this bong fool you. It produces very smooth smoke and will have you ripped in no time. There are ups and downs to this piece, but personally I would suggest a different bong.

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