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  1. Me and my brother are going to be living in a 3 bedroom house with one of my friends being our roommate, we all agreed to get a nice house bong. Our budget is about $40-$60 would that get us a nice bong? Not looking to get a huge one, just one that's a nice size that we can hide for a couple of days when our parents come to visit. Also what should I look for when buying my first bong? Also can someone please explain a ash catcher.

    Thanks! New member here also! Loving this forum already!!

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  2. An Ash catcher is as it sounds, a closed off but spacious area underneath the bowl that catches the ash, while the smoke travels through an alternate route. Keeping it out of your water and scumming up the bong.

    40-60 can get you a nice simple, small glass bong. It might not have an ash catcher and probably wont be perced. But what really makes a bong good or bad is how well you take care of it and clean it.
  3. Buy one from Alibaba and wait a few weeks for delivery.
    The pieces there for 40-60 are worth like 200+ at the headshop for whatever reason... *cou* MARKUP *gh*
  4. If it doesn't come with a ash catcher would I be able to buy one and attach it to the bong?

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    Since 3 of use are pitching in money for one we don't really wanna order one online. Just wanna get one at our local shop.

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  5. Yeah you just buy a new slide with an ashcatcher on it.

    Typically a bong is three pieces. The large body of the bong, the downstem that dips into the water, and the bowl and slide that go into the downstem. Heady glass often is one piece however. So, if for some reason you don't like one of the latter two they are replacable

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