First Bong - 18" RooR

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  1. What's up everyone? I bought my first bong today and figured it'd be a good excuse to stop lurking lol

    Got the 18" rasta version + a diffuser from Kulture in southside RVA. Dude there knew his stuff and answered my noob questions. And I'm guessing it's normal everywhere, but the tag was plastic based and peeled right off unlike most damn barcode stickers which was sweet.

    Had to include a milk shot too... :smoke:

    BTW - Can I change my username here?

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  2. dude really nice, i have a phx was planning on sellign it and buying a roor, black label. how you like it?
  3. Great first bong! I got a 14" forest green label as my first and i still use it for my daily driver, it's like my first child haha. You should definitely get a roor ashcatcher to compliment it and keep that rasta looking new :D
  4. looks fresh as hell bro. I tend to like straight tubed bongs anyway nice pickup im sure it will serve you well
  5. Nice glass, I love the rasta color scheme. How much did you drop on it?
  6. really nice. i have a straight double perked zob this sort of reminds me of. i like the straight glass
  7. thanks for the comments everyone. so far i'm liking it a lot. got it + the perc for $180. def gonna look into the ash catcher next. this thing looks like it's going to have to get cleaned every few times if i want to keep it looking mint.
  8. Also, if you want to help keep it clean, I strongly suggest that you get a glass screen. I also have a Roor Rasta Label and ever since I purchased my glass screen, it has been a lot cleaner for a lot longer. :)

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