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First blunt! talk about dedication..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NortherToker, May 26, 2010.

  1. Im pretty much stickly a glass guy, but me and my buds have been craving blunts lately, last one was probably a couple months ago, rolled this guy out of a captain blacks gold(only thing available in this small town) weighed out to 1.3 g's. Not bad considering I had just broken my 5th metacarpal and am in a cast lol
  2. Solid blunt and mad props for rolling that with a cast on.
  3. If there's one thing I love it's a well rolled blunt. Awesome man +rep.
  4. This blunt is better rolled than every one my friend has ever rolled. The fact you did it with a cast on makes me wanna laugh in my friends face. props on the blunt yo~
  5. I would so stash weed in that cast.
  6. A girl in my high school had a prosthetic arm. She stashed heroin, weed, lighters, knives, and all sorts of shit in there. Fucking weird...cops busted her too when they grabbed her and all the shit dropped everywhere.

  7. yes!!!!!!!!

    nice blunt man... SMOKE DAT SHIT ASAP
  8. Thanks for the kind words all, just always had a nack for rolling for whatever reason. And hells yeah, as soon as I got the cast put on I instantly thought stash spot lol I'm pretty stoked about it and learning to adapt!
  9. very nice blunt :hello:
  10. Thanks homies!:smoking:
  11. Very very nice. Wish i could smoke it with you!:(

    Im not so good at blunts, but i can do joints pretty well.:smoking::smoking:

    +1 Rep for rolling that with a cast on.haha:D
  12. man 10:58 am and drank my girlfriends alcohol. im feeling good but would way rather hit that blunt then alcohol right now. Man such a nice roll for a cast on props on that. I currently have 0$ and cant buy any weed mannn your a lucky guy. Sorry to hear about your broken arm though I've been there and that sucks I tried to play my xbox and shit just didnt't work out. Take a hit for me brother :)

    oh ya im going to + rep you hope the weed takes away from the pain haha
  13. You really are a seasoned toker. I can't roll that well with two hands.
  14. perfect blunt
  15. Your amazing, I can't even roll a blunt without a cast :D
  16. lmao i would of loved to see that. they pull off her arm and everything falls out. lmfao
  17. If there is a will there is a way :smoking::D

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