First bloom.. might be make?

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  1. First time growing. Plants were seeds 5.5 weeks ago. Started bloom light cycle 7 days ago. Growing gorilla glue, hydro. All plants are roughly 4 feet tall. Is this plant male or just starting to flower?

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  2. It's a male... If you have other plants in your grow tent, or area, I suggest to remove the male immediately... Before any female plants are mature enough to get pollinated.

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  3. Thank you... I have five others.. they don’t showing any signs either way yet. I didn’t notice it u til right before my lights went off.. do you think I’ll be ok removing it tomorrow night or should I try to do it in the dark?
  4. If your other plants aren't showing sex yet, I guess you're safe for a few hours... I would remove it as soon as the lights come on.
  5. Sounds good... I appreciate it! Hopefully the rest do fine...
  6. No problem and all the best on your first grow.
    I grew bagseed for my first 2 plants, and luckily both ended up being female... Can't risk wasting nutes and things so I decided to buy some blue dream seeds... Once you got your growing down, consider getting yourself some feminised seeds
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  7. I was actually planning on ordering some this next week... I just used these gorilla glue seeds cause they came in some stuff from a dispensary. I didn’t want to kill a bunch of stuff I paid for lol...
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  8. Lol yeah, that was my main reason for holding off also... Anyway, happy growing bro... And welcome to Grasscity
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