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  1. Ok so this is an odd one. After living in forida for most of my life (17) i had moved to MN i smoked a ton of weed but didnt know any safe place for it so the woods by the park seemed like a good idea AND BOY WAS IT. I guess she smelled it because she lingered and eventually came up to me. We smoke a bit talk for a good while then the conversation turned some what sexual 2 th her sharing her past experience and never giving head. Me being 17yr old at the time jokingly said "im down" then unbelievably agreed. She started rubbing on me and what not eventually pulling dick out and no shit great confidence booster said "holy shit" then compared it to something like a cucumbers size and got to work IT WAS CRAZY she went in on it best she could best part tho i asked if she wanted me to tell her before i came still sucking she shook her head no i wasnt expecting to last as long as i did but i guess i was feeling more shocked then feeling the bj but in the end she let me cum in her mouth so couldnt have asked for a bettter first bj. (I have a fucking hilarious first sex story with this same girl if you want to hear about let me know)
  2. Nothisisnttrue
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  3. Uh, nice story, and it's your uh, first post. And for some reason, you had to justify this story by putting your username as "YesThisIsTrue." It really just seems like you're trying to boast about your sexual skills, which in all of us don't really care. But good for you.
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  4. This happen recently?
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  5. I am so glad you let Jade return to her Father.
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  6. Did you forget to add "and then I woke up"?

    This is the only way I can cum anymore.

    OP... please continue, I need it to finish.
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