First Big Time Seed Grow

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  1. Just got my seeds from Additude (and a cool t-shirt) the first four I'm going to do are:
    Delicious Seeds Cotton Candy
    DinaFem White Widow
    Reserva Prada The OG #18
    Cali Connection Buddah Tahoe

    This will be my second grow in my new set up, have been just growing a strain of bagseed for the last year, but that allowed me to learn. My current grow went mother/clone and is doing very well. My biggest problem is that eventually I will have to decide on a strain from the good stuff, to become my perpetual grow. Happy Frog soil, BioBizz nutes, 200watt 6500 cfl, and 400watt hps for flower. Cant wait.
  2. Put the OG #18, and Buddah Tahoe into soil today, the other weren't quite ready. Anyway I thought I'd put up a couple of pics of my setup. The first pic is my vedg. chamber, the light that you see was where the mother stayed, next to that light is another one (I won't need that for awhile) that light was lowered with another 100watts when I would take my clones from the clone chamber (2nd picture) the last pic is my new flowering chamber with the last 6 females of the strain I have been growing for a year. Normally I will be doing 4 plants, but I just couldn't waste 2 females.

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    I haven't posting because I am to lazy, thought I'd throw a few pics out there. Overall it's going well, my freebies Res. Pr. OG13, and the Cal. Con Bhu. Tah. just would not grow, new growth would start, and as soon as more new growth would start the old would dry out and die, nursed them as long as I could, RIP.
    The Del. Seeds Cotton candy is a fast grower, we'll see how the smoke turns out, I just put it into flower this week, a little crowded right now, but one will be chopped on monday, and another 2 will be gone in 2 - 3 weeks. The White Widow is still vedging, and is kind of a slow grower, it has just started to pick up but no hurry. The tiny little seedling is G13 Purple Haze. Just put my new filter in, it was kind of funny, my wife doesn't know I grow, (she knows I smoke) and she says to me, "when I come into the laundry room I can almost smell a skunk. Did the dog, run into some trouble" I week later I have a filter installed. The laundry is kind of above where my vent came out int a utility room.

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  4. Nice setup you got there.
  5. Proper looking set up. Plants are looking good as well.

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