First BHO run, knowledge please!

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  1. I have recently blasted two tubes of some old, really good, medicine. 3+ ounces in each tube that were frozen for a few days before being blasted into a pyrex sitting in a water heat bath, using two cans per tube. I then scraped off the remaining soup onto parchment and put into another pyrex dish and sat it in my griddle, giving it a second water bath. I've been going for a week with it in the second bath and I'm still getting bubbles! (Side note, the first three daydays I did not have a lid and the water stayed right at 100, I now have a lid and the water is at about 120. I'm worried as to why all the forms I've read and No One has had to purge this long, also, my almost shatter looking stuff has started to get a sugary glaze in some areas, Maybe this is due to this lid and high humidity? Still doesn't explain why I still have bubbles forming at this temp of a water bath for so long, please help!
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  2. I forgot to mention that before putting the lid on, I unscrewed the handle on top which left a hole for gas to escape
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  3. I am wondering why you blasted 6+ ounces, total, when you don't know how to do the process. One thing you do not want is a lid. How is the gas supposed to purge any water from your cannabis, as well as purge the gas? Just wondering.
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  4. Right!? And It was possibly closer to 7 ;). But any who, I took the handle off of the lid and there's a pencil size hole in the top which allows for the gas to escape?
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    I am not an expert at BHO, but I have made some and found the liquid butane evaporated quickly in a hot water bath. I have an electric stove, when I've purged most of the butane I put the water bath (an aluminum pan) on the stove at low heat and adjust heat as necessary until the bubbling stops. There is also bubbling or a reaction when decarbing your bho so keep that in mind. I've only blasted 1/2 ounce at a time so I really should not be giving you advice, you may have better luck in the concentrate section. One thing I do know is if things don't come together you can put all that oil in some Everclear and evaporate the alcohol or use it for a tincture.
    Good luck, mate.
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    It removes the solvent its the final step like after you air dried it, You would place it in there on the mat provided spread it out than place in pot and seal it up ,than place pot in a hot water bath(bigger pot Filled with hot water) than turn on . its kinda what makes shatter shatter by removing the stuff that cant be air dried out :)
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  7. The only good way to purge BHO is to use a vacuum chamber. It assures that no butane is left in your final product.
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  8. I have no real knowledge in this. but, your mixture will always bubble to some degree, even at that low of heat, as was mentioned, this is a noticeable thing while decarbing your concentrate, the bubbles will be large, something around 2 mm or so, then begin to get smaller and smaller to around 1/0.5 mm.

    Again, this is not my area, but, if I was doing this, I would work with thin layers to maximize your exposed surface area, or whatever the term would be, essentially, to decrease the likelihood of the solvent remaining trapped in a thick buildup of your extract.

    Have you tested any of this? Does it ignite when you touch it to a dab rig, can you taste butane?

    If you haven't, pull a gram out, put it on an oil slick or some pyrex, and hit it with a torch, what does it do?

    But of course, the best purge is a vac purge. I'm going to guess if you dropped 6+ oz in this, you could probably spare a couple hundred dollars, for nothing else, it'd be worth it for the volume you've got. Learn the machine if you do get it though, don't just do the 'ol "eyes closed, head first" approach. Either way, good luck with it brotha, let us know what happens.
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  9. What is this called filter vacuum?

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  10. I’ve never used Butane? I scared of Petroleum ether.
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