First BHO Process, Help a homie out

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  1. Whats up guys, Long time reader but rarely post

    My main Q is this

    I want to experiment with BHO, I DO have like 100 questions but hopefully you guys can help

    1. What are your views on doing a Mid-Grade quality extract? The trees run me about $5 a gram
    2. If I fin a connect to get around $800 a pound, how , realistically, profitable would the return be? I hear around every 3.5 you use you get about a gram.
    3. Is selling them for around $30 a gram a good investment, would people bite? IM on the east coast its sort of a new thing but if I smoke " samples ' with friends im sure they would bite.
    4. How much does a pound of trim cost usually?

    I should have mroe questions but those being answered will do me justice for now.
  2. I love BHO. I wouldnt pay $30 a gram.

    Sounds like you never made it. I remember my first time, I thought I was going yield a lot, LOL, I got about 3 grams from a quarter pound of free quality trim and popcorn buds.

    Dont even get me started on how expensive quality butane is. Using dollar store butane will only make you sick.

    So its only profitable if you get the trim free or if its from your own grow.

    It blows me away to even think of buying other peoples trash for $800 a lb.

    Good luck!
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    Haha yea buying trimming... I know a couple guys who hand out trash bags of it lmao

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