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First batch of THC pills.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by jrblades20, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I made my first batch last night out of a half 8th and it made 15 pills. i took 2 this morning before school and im feelin pretty good right now. Its more of a body high.

    Just letting u guys know how it went

  2. how do you make them?
  3. Yeah man howd you make them shits, Id love to make em if you only used a half eighth
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    Im on my phone so i cant really give u a guide but u can google THC pills and its one of the first ones. I think its called or something. If u do make them its deff. Worth it to get a pill filler. It took so long to do it without a filler. And one more tip, make sure u grind the weed to a powder
  5. google it is :)
  6. Someone should make a tutorial with pictures of how it should look
  7. Thats pretty legit man :D. a few friends of mine are making some brownies with about a quarter later today. up in boston we have a febuary break for a solid week
  8. Would I get stoned if I swallowed a small chunk of hash?
  9. no.

    You should read into making your own pill fillers. They are incredibly easy to make.

    Again the almighty google will serve you well.
  10. Wow man that's sick. I'm going to check that out and make some.
  11. seeing alot of boston here just like to say im from boston too and if anyone has a recepie id be interedted in seeing it the one on the other site is loooooong
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    it is very very simple and straight forward if you follow any of the recipe's on google...

    -grind your weed in to a powder/flour consistancy
    -add enough OIL to saturate the powder(soak it) but make sure you dont see any oil by itself floating around, you want the weed to be completely soaked but not over watery at all
    you dont want it to look like soup, you want a paste
    - heat that up in the oven for 20 minutes between 350 and 300, i alternated down to 300 every time it started to bubble, and when it sets back up to 350
    - empty your capsules, or get your empties - - and fill the COOLED DOWN product and youre done

    VERY SIMPLE if you actually read - - search button helps as well
  13. .. thanks search button blows by the way
  14. fucking amazing. i love you.
  15. I want to make some THC pills sounds tasty.

  16. What kind of oil? Vegetable oil?
  17. You can use vegetable oil. :)

    But just enough to saturate. Don't pour too much where it's going to be all liquidy.
  18. what kind of high or how high would u get off a pill or 2?
  19. You'll probably get a little buzz, try taking 4.

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