first bagseed indoor closet grow 6 female 4 100 watt cfl 175 watt hps

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  1. I got 6 females on there 8th week of vegging , For the first 2 weeks i had the lights on 20/4 now have them 18/6. showed signs of preflower 2 weeks ago under 100x pocket micro scope. Im now waiting for the pre flowers to fully develop so i can see them with my bare eye. Then ill throw em over into 12/12. Everything is going extrmeley well and i havent had any problems. I am stuped by htis all the plants i started ended up being female. pretty unbelieveable but im positive. all the plants have calyxs at the joints with 2 pistils popping out.

    any sugggestions, comments wutever
  2. vegging and know the sex? must be some sort of autoflowering strain? if it is then would you even need to change the light cycle? or is it just to save electricity? but wouldnt you wanna give the plant as much light as possible since its autoflowering?
    sorry for all the questions but either its autoflowering or theres something i just dont know.
    so please fill me in............
  3. Lol you get signs of preflower in veg ask anyone it is not auto flowering. Preflowers are a sign that a plant is ready to flower. if u dont believe me look it up
  4. That is not that uncommon. I picked up a 20 pack of White Widow seeds (non feminized) and germinated the first 8 for my first grow. 7 actually sprouted and all 7 were female. I am 3weeks into growing the last 13 which 11 germinated out of so hopefully I get a male I can isolate with 1 female to get some seeds from. And yeah, you can always tell sex during veg. Thats how we sex them early to ensure you get absolutly no germination. Damn plant sex.....
  5. wow
    well mine were just bagseed usually its 50/50 but i guess i just got lucky
  6. O yeah i was wondering, i can only see the preflowers under a microscope to clearly see the sex. is it ok to throw em over to 12/12 while the preflowers r still forming completely
  7. Its not going to hurt anything, your plants just arn't going to be quite as big. I know some of the guys with limited space will kick things to 50/50 right out of the clone box to keep the size and grow time to a minimum.
  8. i have enuff room im just anxious lol. Will it bring the yeild down a sizeable amount. Ther all around 2 feet and i topped em twice

  9. If they are already that big i'd think you are good to go.
  10. Another question, I have an old 100watt MV bulb , and 4 52 watt cfl grow lights. I dont have the MV close to the plants, I just put it up to spread some extra lumens around it puts off like 25,000. I know its not a good spectrum but will it flower up nice with a mix of the cfls and the mv cuz i know the cfls r a good spectrum

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