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    Just making a journal for my first grow. I used bagseed and all three were planted in Miracle Grow Organic Choice Garden Soil, I am LST two of them. I began feeding them Miracle Grow all-purpose plant food this week. As of now they're almost four weeks old.
    I had some trouble at first with my lights falling on my plants and burning them but I've got it worked out now. For lights I am using
    1X 15 watt bulb
    1X 27 watt bulb
    2X 23 watt bulb
    2X 26 watt bulb

    I am aware that this is only 115 watts, but at the moment it's all that i've got. My lights are 5500K (daylight), does this mean that they won't work at all for flowering, or is it just better to use 2700K bulbs? If one of my plants ended up being a male would this be enough light to flower two plants?

    Also, I'm very short on space and couldn't find any place for a fan, but they seem to be doing very well.




  2. Get them out of the soil and stop feeding them nutes. MG soil contains too many nutes for a young sprout and then feeding it more on top of that is making the nute burn worse. Get some organic soil and stay off the nutes for at leat another week or two before these get too burnt.
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    I am using organic soil, and when I feed my plants I use a very diluted solution, about 1/16 of what the box says. Are you sure that is nute burn? The LST plant with the burns I haven't feed food yet because the soil was still damp when I fed the others. The burns on that one appeared after I tried to put it oustide for a day. The burns on the one that isn't being LST are from my light falling on it.
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    You say there a month old???? Theres for sure some stunted growth going on, whats your ph??? i think twisting leaves like that can be from PH fluctuation. YOur also over feeding, just because it says its organic, doesnt mean it doesnt have time release ferts.

    This is straight off of scotts website for there organic choice miracle gro/ both gardening and potting:
    "Delivers twice the growth of ordinary potting soil naturally! Contains both starting and slow-release fertilizer which feeds for up to 3 months."

    Note the bold text, your burning your plants to death bro.

    Basically the more you water, the more those slow release ferts are being released, thus overfeeding your plant
  5. id like to know this too actually, if you had 200 watts of a mixture daylight and soft white would you be able to flower with just that for 1-2 plants?
  6. Yeah, I flowered two females with 194 watts of light. They weren't that big though because of various issues but I still got about half ounce from some cold, deprived plants. LST them, it'll do wonders
  7. The reason why I think its a PH problem is because

    1. look at the way the leaf is dieing, its not even curled up

    2. Most nute burn starts from the tips of leaves then works its way up the leaf

    3. light spotting on one of leaves (those burn have PH-fucked off writin all over them)

    4. Any nute burn that deep would have fried all the leaves by now or at least fringed all the tips.

    Check you PH bro, before and after you add nutes to your water from now on. it could change by 1.0-2.0 with just a have power solution.

    Like Revolution said STOP feeding right now, the plants or way-to young to be nuting them. that could also stunt earliy growth. Maybe put them on 24/0 lights on. give them a good distilled water flush untill the drainage water looks clear. then cut back on watering to every 3 days(roots need air to grow). Check your PH thats where the problem is.

    Thats a part of getting everything dialed-in. Just take care of it quick and she'll bounce back.
  8. thanks for all the replies, where can I find a pH tester??
  9. Just transplanted all of them into Pro-Mix Potting and Seeding Soil, when should I start feeding my plants food? Thanks for all the help everybody!
  10. Just updating my journal, I had to move my plants outdoors a few weeks ago due to problems indoors. They're a little over 6 weeks old now, I can't really see any signs on sex yet. When should I start feeding them nutes for flowering, and what NPK will I need? Any brand suggestions?
  11. how do u keep a plant as small as possible ?

  12. The best way to keep it low would be to LST it, you can top your plant too...

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