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First bad high..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Itakebadhits, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. My friend asked if i wanted to smoke a joint outside of college and obviously i excepted.. she kept saying that it was really potent, we rolled it, and had half a joint each, this was XXL papers, felt nicely high walking back, but as i sat down outside i just couldnt keep my head up and my eyes open, their was a few people i just met trying to talk to me and i litterly couldnt hear them, a coach outside the place was resting, and the engine was repeating noises, over and over, and i couldnt do anything but focus on that, everytime it reset it was like it hurt my head, abit like the time i smoked seeds.. my teachers thought i was ill as i generally was and i threw up a small amount outside... i took 4paracetamols and 1ibeprofen that morning..

    i smoked, was a little sick, had head aches, was it the pills or did we miss some seeds?
  2. That stuff must be really dank or you just smoked to much to fast.

    Seeds won't give you a bad high.
  3. you would have heard the seeds pop.
  4. Practice smoother hits it just sounds like you smoked to fast
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  5. What happened is you have a low tolerence and you smoked so much at once that you got to much THC in your body then it can handle and then you get very tired and can pass out.

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