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  1. Trying my first automatic grow. I'd told I could usea bloom light for vegging for it for the whole time but it seems it's growing very slow compared to how I imagined an automatic and see them growing online. Wondering if anybody has some experience and if it is better to use the veg light still even though it's automatic. And a rec for which led veg light
  2. they will grow the same as a photo . only difference they will start to flower when they want . ok . for this first stage i suggest using the veg 4200 to 10000 k spectrum 7200 is best my opinion, for mh . and t5 the 10k work best. and led blue led . until you start seeing some buds forming keep using the veg bulbs . once they start to bud throw in the hps 2200 to 4200 spectrum . prefer 2700
  3. I'm using low watts. Got a bloomer led on it right now. I have a 150hps in the room hanging not in use.
  4. I'll have to get a new led veg but I can't have like ove 400w
  5. if there under 3 inches tall they dont need a lot of power . just use the led for now run it 24/7 if you can . or 18 up to you its your personal preference i prefer 24/7 it will grow faster .
  6. I'm doing 20/4 right now. Started at 24/0. How close should I have the light on this stage? It's under and inch. Day 3 of lift off out of soil. Germinated in wet towel. Took 36 hours to germinate a day to pop out of soil.. and what about humidity? My low is 44%
  7. Probably during the hottest part of day
  8. post a pic or model # of the light your using .a inch sounds way to close for any light .
  9. Yea I moved it away. Now it another seedling just planted. Put it under a 150hps. The led is a California light works solarstorm 220w bloombooster. That's over my little tiny baby that doesn't seem to be growing fast at all. My humidity is at 47% 80.4 f . Should I raise the humidity?
  10. The bloom booster is a red spectrum mostly bloom supplement light. It will tent to have very little stretch with the red leaning spectrum but should be a powerful light for a single plant. They're close to 200 watts.
  11. Yea. But it's it the right spectrum? I see pictures of people's automatics with like 4 nodes on day 4 of sprout
  12. I thought the red spectrum made them stretch more
  13. Just thought it didn't matter with an automatic. Idk I saw some magic or some shit. I don't see this thing being close to harvest at all anywhere near even 70 days from sprout
  14. Seems like it grows just as slow as any other seedling. Kinda bearing myself up right now too cuz I abandoned my other four just starting to flower
  15. Blue spectrum causes more stretch and vegetive growth in general. That's why the veg switch on all leds turns off many of the red leds causing the spectrum to lean more blue. The additional red is added in flower to help keep the nodes and colas tight among other things.

    I have two vegmaster 110 CLW lights. I just retired them for two QB120 board fixtures I built. I have a dramatic increase in growth by going down 60 watts. The new lights were $70 each.
  16. I still think the bloom booster would grow just fine. Many led's don't have a veg spectrum and so are in that red mode all the time. They veg just fine.
  17. As far as light distance with led's this is a little power dependent. I can get plants as close as 12" or so if it's a 100 watt or lower led. If the led is in the 200-250 watt range it need closer to 18". If it's a 500+ watt led sometimes they need up to 24-30 especially if the plant is young.

    More light distance may help the plant stretch if it's short for it's age.
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  18. Just let the humidity do it's thing if it's at least 47%. I don't attempt to manage humidity. Only temp. 80-82 degrees will give you the most rapid growth under leds and 24 hour veg for the first 3 weeks then drop to 20/4 before they get tired.

    Another poster a few days back had some sad plants and decide to change to a 24hr veg cycle. They were happy within a day. It's a great light cycle to get that rapid growth at the start of a plants life. I would change to 20/4 after you get some size a few weeks before flower.
  19. Why did you retire your veg masters?

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