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  1. whats up guys, ive been doin a lotta reading, and am plannin my first grow for this summer. I'm gonna get either some dieselryder or auto ak seeds, but i have a couple of questions....

    is it possible to LST with autoflowering plants?

    do you recommend growing in pots, or just digging holes and pouring some good soil?

    does anyone know what autoflower strain is the best smoke? ive heard of auto strains like blueberry and master kush, but dont know anything about them...

    any recommendations for nutrients?

    also, i know its a kinda vague question, but approximately how many times a week will i need to water these guys? where my grow spot is depends on how often i'll have to be visiting it

    has anybody had success with these autoflowering plants outside? i've only seen journals of indoor grows for them

    sorry for all the ?'s, and thanks in advance for any help
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    Im wondering if you can lst them too. Im planning on trying some of these outdoors too. I heard you dont get as good of yields with an outdoor because you arent giving them as much light as they can be getting indoor.

    Cause indoor you can give them 24 hours of constant light making them grow better, and they still bud. So i guess you would want to plant it in a place where it will get minimal shade and more constant light.

    I know the auto ak is pretty popular and seems to be the biggest of the strains.
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  4. can anybody help?
  5. i dont recommend LST on autoflowering strains, you dont want to induce any extra stress at all on these guys since they have such a short lifespan.
  6. I say go for it. You will probably yield more. LST is "LOW STRESS training". The plant is stressed a very minute amount, but the reward are great. Many more budsites, and more light penetration. I am going to use LST on half my Diesel Ryders this coming spring to compare yields.
  7. Im gonna try to LST some diesel ryder.
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    i know what LST stands for - but the plant is still recieving added stress, more than a non LST'd plant..and autoflowers should not be exposed to any amount of added stresses. this stress is also raised considerably when growing outdoors (natural predators, strong winds, extreme temps,etc) campared to indoor's in a stable setting (set temps,humidity,etc) that is why all the breeders (lowlife,dj short,etc) say "for best results grow indoor". this increased stress can lead to hermi's, and the expression of more ruduralis (ditch weed) traits (meaning lower quality bud,etc).

    but i guess it wouldnt hurt to try it on a few of em', they are already pretty short and bushy as it is. :smoking:
  9. thanks for the input and stuff guys... im still undecided about tryin LST, i'll probly just give it a run on one or two of em.

    and one other thing... if im plannin on growin these guys in 3 gallon pots, how often do you think i'll have to be visiting to water?
  10. i'm still curious as to what a 24/0 light cycle will do to. Anybody have any idea? does an autoflower need a dark period?

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