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    wats up....this is my first auto grow. its a critical jack auto and i lost track of how old it is. I was wondering does it look healthy cause its not dark green like my other plants i grew before. Hit me up and let me know sumthin....ill keep yall posted

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  2. No pictures :(
  3. my bad...its my first time usin this and didnt know how to post pics but i got it now
  4. Looks okay to me. It does seem light but I wouldn't worry too much. What kind of soil?
  5. i started it in jiffy organic seed starting soil and transplanted it into miracle gro organic soil....thats wat its currently in now....its growing but it does look lighter than the one in the back but i dont wanna give it any nutes cause idk wen r how much to give it
  6. Have any worm castings?
  7. no...i dont have any
  8. Do you have any nutes?
  9. yea just miracle gro all purpose fertilizer
  10. I suggest switching nutes. IMO MG is garbage and desnt do the plants any justice. Roots grow and bloom are pretty cheap.
  11. It seems to be doin fine now.....i always used miracle gro and it worked fine.....its a good green now and its about a week r so into flowering....wen i get home ill trt to post a pick
  12. looks okay to me
  13. here is the autoflower critical jack at about 2 weeks flowering. Its doin good so far but idk went itll be done.... could sumone help

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  14. Hey there am in the middle of some of these right now have to go on my other comp to load up the pics but will do so within a day here.. I came across ONE of these fem. critical jack autos on a luck and I have to say this is HANDS DOWN one of the BEST autos I have seen to date when it comes to breeding tyhat ent into this strain. You are recieving not optimal results because of the mediums and nutes it is unfortunatly true USUALLY that you get what you pay for and the girl I got ( i think i got lucky with this pheno) is sooo dense at barely 60 days she is falling over and the smell is SO fruity and lemon I have NEVER seen something like this with an auto.. I just harvested a few bag seeds that turned out to be AUTOS to my complete suprise.. thought it was funny they all showed female at 2 weeks but by the time they had "vegged" for 8 they were almost done one was certainly an auto blueberry of some sort and the others look like tiny "thai sticks" they were bred to just have HUGE colas and only two off branches on the side. So very interesting. Anyways, I will send u a pic if you want to compare or see but these can DEFINETLY benefit from something like "cha ching" which is made by foxfarms I have been using it and the trichome prioduction is AMAZING more than most photos to be honest it is stacking like crazy,. I am only waiting for the pistils to recede now and then she gets the cut...

    The best thing with these is to wait until they are rotting and the leaves are being used up an the pistils have stareted to go back in and she is ready u will get some of the most dense nugs

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