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  1. Hello all... I am starting my first real attempt and would like any pointers based on what i already have. As I go I will be upgrading my setup. Here is what I have so far: 2x 23w CFL, spiral screw-in type, in 2 5.5" reflector clamp lights. The bulbs are 1300 lumens, so I suppose I have a combined 2600 lumens. I have read that ideal is 2000-3000 lumens per square foot. I have one plant outdoors right now that is probably about 10" tall and growing strong. It is 3 weeks old. I have 2 others that are a little younger and smaller, but seem to be doing well. I want to bring the one in thats doing the best and put it, alone, under these two lights. I have a good space to do it in. Also, I got daylight (6500K) lights, i read that these are better for veg, and then i can change them when i flower them to soft white. any suggestions?

  2. get 2 moire cfls on it, and angel them to cover the whole plant, youll be pretty close to 100watts which is the preferd ammount per plant, if you get the next to in 2700k spec you can keep the whole 4 bulb setup on the plant no matter what part of growth the plant is in.
  3. These bulbs are "=100w"... should I be good for 2 plants with this, at least for a week or so? One is around 3 weeks old and the other about 2 weeks. I plan to buy 4-6 more bulbs at the end of next week and set those up on a hanging power strip with those socket adapters. That way the two in the clamp/reflector things can be down on the sides providing light to the lower leaves. At the most I would like to be able to do 4 or 5 plants. I don't plan to sell much of it, mostly its just to save money rather than make it.
  4. =100w means 23 actual watts, the only number you need to worry about when talking about the wattage of your bulbs. Those = wattages are just for reference when replacing incandescent bulbs in your house to save energy. You still want more than 2 of those for 1 plant. Like cork said, angle them to get the best light distribution, and if possible start tying down the plant into a bush, it will definitely make the most out of short range bulbs like CFL's. Do a search for LST, lots of great methods on here, it's pretty intuitive.
  5. ok thats not a problem, but how exactly would i go about tying it down as you said?
  6. Ah I knew I still had friends somewhere in this world! Thanks man, I do what I can although I'm horribly out of practice.
  7. Ok, just to clarify, why are we looking at wattage? A Watt is a measurement of electrical energy converted into work, in this case, light. Light itself is supposed to be measured in lumens. As far as the "=" numbers, i do understand that, but it is stating that it puts out the same amount of lumens as a 100W incandescent bulb. I know incandescent is crap (most of those watts are used up in heat output instead of light), but all I'm talking about is lumens. If someone would just please explain to me why a conversion measurement is what our plants are looking for, I would understand this a lot better.

    Also, the "big" plant is in a 6" or 8" pot, still very bendable, but I think its time to put it in a larger pot before I do the training. I may not even do it with the bigger one, I might just wait and do it with the two small ones. Since all the pics of the LST in action are gone, can anyone link to some? I would like to know proportionately how much larger yield I could get with this before I risk hurting a plant. Thanks all!

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