First attempt to germinate seeds[Update]

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  1. Okay, holy crap, they sprouted and the little white things are at least a good centimeter or two long. I'm on a TIGHT budget. Like, what is the bare minimum (House hold products?:0) that I can work with so these beautiful little babies don't die on me?
  2. I'm trying to talk my boy friend into taking me to Walmart so we can get some potting soil. He says we have to ask our room mate. :\ Can I use half of a 2liter soda bottle for a pot?
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    yeah... for now. How did you get them to sprout with no dirt?
    EDIT*** what kind of lighting do you plan on using?
  4. Um...A wet paper towel and a dark jewelry box?
  5. When you say sprout...

    I don't mean the actual plant, I mean the roots broke through. Or are starting to.
  6. Yeah, you need to get dirt. Look for an NPK ratio where the nitrogen content is high. I'm guessing you plan on using CFL's, since you are on a tight budget?
  7. Yes, sir.

    And, uh...Nice sig. Lol.
  8. Thanks. I have a couple made already.
    You can use those spiral lightbulbs (CFLs) through-out the grow, but you need like, 5 or 6 per plant in order to make it grow.
  9. Holy crap. Do I have to have them right NOW? I mean, they're so little...Would one per plant do until they actually poke through the ground (And I have another pay check under my belt?)

  10. o.o Can I see?
  11. Did you see my other one yet? Sorry, but I saw the thread tab and cracked up. Oh I have a dirty mind.
  12. Lol @ the dirty mind. No worries, I grew up with a bunch of older guys, I'm just as bad. :smoking:

    But I don't get that sig...
  13. are u going to use CFL's?

    Google in's similar to germinating.
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    No, no, I know what the In Vitro Fertilization method is, but you can only do it after a year of trying it the natural way. The post title is "FIRST attempt..". I dunno. It's funny, I guess I just didn't make the connection. lol

    I'm not sure what lighting I'm going to use. I have to check the prices to see what I can afford.
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    Lol. I like that one. "Dude, just put it in the hole.."

    Edit: Is there any way that I'll be able to keep this under $20?
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    No. have you read some of the stickies in the beginer's growing section?

    EDIT*** It'll be like 15 bucks just for the light. Then, you gotta buy dirt, then later on nutrients, and bigger pots... It's a huge startup cost. It isn't something that you just plant and go.
  17. Welp. Looks like I'm hitting the bank tomorrow then. How much do you think I'll need total? Could you make me a supply check list of everything I would need? Is there a thread like that somewhere?
  18. read Grandpas Grow Guide stickied up here! its the best newb step by step

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