First attempt at legitimate grow, tips appreciated ( White Widow x Big Bud )

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    Hey folks, back again. This time with money and a place to put a grow box! 
    Plan on starting off with 3 White Widow x Big bud as well as 1 Strawberry Blue ( Fingers crossed they make it home! )
    Details of my box are 16Hx24Lx14W. The light fixtures are mounted in the drawer above everything else and that is 8 2700k 23 watt CFL bulbs, as well as a few mini CFLs that will be mounted throughout the box. 
    Fan setup is the piping you see here. The box is designed to work through negative pressure. The exhaust fan will be mounted on the larger end of the pipe you see ( 50mm fan producing 25cfm ). It will also have a smaller micro fan blowing through the box. With lights on currently I'm seeing temps at around 78, off around 71.
    I ordered Fox Farm Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, Open sesame, beastie bloms, chaching, sledgehammer, kanaroots, and microbe.
    I plan on using a 70-30 mix of Fox Farm soil and coco coir and maybe mix some perlite in.
    Also, the door will be a black piece of rubbery plastic with a sewed to that, I believe it will be sealed decently and still keep the appearance of just being another piece of furniture ( minus the slight hum coming from the fan )

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