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First attempt at homemade edible, need advice

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by 710enthusiest, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. i currently have a .1-.2g chunk of wax. My goal is to make one edible out of this small piece. I have looked around online a lot and the easiest way seems to be melting the wax in some olive oil, then mixing it all in with some yogurt. Would this work? Or are there any other easier/better ways?
  2. I'd put in a small oven safe container at 240F and wait for all reaction (bubbling) to stop. Usually 40 minutes for a gram or more, so maybe less time for you. Mix with anything you like and eat. I don't know if the oil is necessary, hopefully someone else will come along who does know. This is (not accounting for % THC) a 100- 200mg dose and good for a couple of really potent edibles. Enjoy.
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  3. I would do everything joker just said but i find the high lasts waaaay longer if you i infuse it into an oil but id only do a teaspoon worth of coconut oil to the .2g. .1g is hard to decarb but possible bc so small. I usually try an make each dose using shatter/wax at .05g/dose and tell people to split that in half in case too strong.

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