First attempt at a scrog!.

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  1. So this is my first go at a scrog and I've decided to try the easy cable tie net to tent frame technique :s

    What you guys think;

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  2. Looks about right

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  3. Personally I prefer the net to be drawn real tight to hold the branches down properly, and the openings are a bit too small for my taste. Your plants look very healthy - good luck with your grow.
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  4. Sorry I'm literally brand new to growing. Is this for support? Or to keep the plants at a lower height?

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  5. It does both. You set the net 8" above the top of the pots - when the branches grow through the holes and are about 3"-4" above the net you pull the branch back down the opening and move it to the next opening - this is called tucking - this forces the plant to grow horizontally instead of vertically. You tuck for about 2-3 weeks into flower and you end up with colas about 8"-12" above the net. So from the top of the pots to the top of the plants is only 20". Some people do it a little different than that with great results, but the basics are the same.
    Flower 4 weeks.JPG
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  6. Makes sense. Thank you! I am very interested in this

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  7. My next I will try to build a proper frame. I read ideal is 2.5 inches but yours seem bigger? The net I got was 2 x 2.

    LBH's Famous ScrOG Tutorial | Grow Weed Easy

    This is basically what I followed. All there articles are fantastic for a newbie..

    I also got a journal going if you interested

    First Grow - 600w mh/hps - soil - photoperiod
  8. My squares are 3", some people like 2". I follow LBH's Famous ScrOG Tutorial to the letter.
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  9. I just supercrop and shove em in tomatoe cages seems to work tie em to the ring if they become too heavy
  10. So the stretch lasts 2-3 weeks into flower. How do you know when to stop tucking? I'm affraid if I tuck too much and they stop stretching and then left with short tops.. Does this happen?
  11. It has never happened to me - I tuck for the first 2-1/2 weeks of 12/12 and never have a problem.
  12. I agree with Mick my screen is near piano wire tight and the first screen i made the squares were 4x4 and were to big, second was 2x2 too small for quick growing/ streaching strain, now have 3x3 and for me is perfect, IMO you cannot tuck too much/long eventually she quits streaching and all energy goes towards the flowers you will notice this change and welcome the break from twice daily tucking, I like 18-24in between my pot and screen so i have room to water, add teas and keep a sharp eye out for bugs since they almost always show up on lower weaker leaves, but my way is one of hundreds.,, good luck i love a full scrog screen its a thing of beauty
  13. I did this ,my first attempt at a scrog also, with 4x4 squares, I think I would've went with 3 x 3 squares if I could've done it differently also I should have kept talking all through the stretch after I flipped to 1212 this is a single plant Scroge in a 5 x 5 grow tent with 1100 true LED watts, this picture was taken probably two weeks ago she has gotten a lot bigger since then[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Boom4200 winter grow journal

    Boom4200 winter spring grow journal
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  14. May I suggest hydro halos for watering - it eliminates trying to get under the net and it evenly distributes the water around the base of the plant. You mentioned lower leaves - do you not remove all the grow under the net?
    93666_51b5efee7e35e_original.jpg lollipop.JPG
  15. Your screen looks exactly like the ones i made such a cheap easy way to make a screen.., Still looks like you made out ok for one plant, nice and healthy, looks good overall, but yea i learned about 4in sq, the hard way too, I tuck until the flowers take tottally over even then i will stuff a unruly fast growing top..
  16. I fill my nets 100% in veg. I used to use the stretch to fill my net but not anymore. I get larger buds and higher yeilds now. My nets look like this when I flip. That's 1 plant in a 2x4 screen. I prefer 2" squares and keep the net tight.

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  17. I admit i found filling my screen 3/4 during veg has made for a fluffy screen but the sativa sour diesel stretch inch a day for 2 weeks i had "issues" filling it anymore,,, but damn bro your screen sure looks nice, you have it figured
  18. I'll never partially fill my net again before flip even with my big stretchers. It took a bit before I commited to filling the screen but after I did I wasn't didsspointec. Using the stretch to fill the net just means most of the growth is done below the net and wasted. As long as your not microgrowing give it a shot sometime. I even do it in my short 5' tall tents
  19. I might give it a shot but it would take some adjustments, even flipping at 3/4 full screen i had tops bumping the lights but i admit i liked the fullness of them..
  20. next time I will defiantly build a frame, I can already see how the flimsiness of the net is less than ideal.
    Also I could have had the net higher, it's very low down in the tent. Under net activity is going to be a hassle. Watering isn't so bad..
    But because of this I have plenty of room above the net, so I might take some of the advice here and fill 100% before the flip. I have at least twice as much space above the net than underneath to let them grow.

    This is how there looking today, any estimates on when they'll be ready to flip. Today is 52 days from seed.


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