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  1. Can anyone recomend a nutrient line made specifically for hydroponics. My local shop recomended Cyco but I have heard they have PGR's but i heard the us version is PGR free anyone know this for sure and if anyone can recomend a cheaper alternative I am all ears and open to all opinions.

  2. I use canna aqua with excellent results. check out my grow in my sig
  3. I will have to look into Canna but there is no place close to me that carries there products.
  4. online is always a safe bet. or you could run GH on lucas formula. that's what I usually suggest to people trying to really save money on growing.
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  5. also, your hydro shop should be able to order nutrients for you. also, check out house and garden, maybe your store has those
    This is also a decent place to start for those who are newer to growing and are overwhelmed with the all the nutrients available and how to use what and's inexpensive, relatively easy and effective...
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  7. I am just new to DWC and i currently use FF line up and i am not happy with the results im getting with it in soil and looking to switch when i run out of them and wanting a better alternative.
  8. I've been using general hydroponics Maxigrow and Maxibloom. Its in a powder form, comes with a scoop, and the directions are easy to follow.

    They've also got a nice pdf on their website that's a feeding schedule.
  9. I looked into those i was afraid of burning the plants with them that was my one deturrant
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    I was under the assumption its possible to burn your plants with any kind of nutrient.

    The back of the bag says 1 to 2 tsp per gallon. I use 1 tsp every 2 gallons. I'm scared too lol.

    If you figure 2 tsp per 1 gallon was full strength and 1 tsp per gallon is half strength. Then 1 tsp per 2 gallons is a quarter strength. At this level I would assume nute burn isn't possible.

    This is also assuming you occasionally change out the water in the bucket to avoid alkalinity from undissolved salts causing lockouts.
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    it is possible to burn with any nute but the concentration ratio is so high i wasnt sure how well they would work for my DWC. But i get were you are coming from with how you are mixing.
  12. Without having a PPM meter (its on my list ... Long list of things to get) with any nute line ½ strength or less and maintaining the proper pH levels and occasional water changes will give non detrimental results.
  13. I need a PPM meter as well lol and I have a long list of stuff I need to get as well. I will have to give it a try in my hydro setup and see what comes of it i guess
  14. Is there any suppliments that I should put with the Maxigro/bloom to prevent deficencies or is everything in the powders?
  15. I find it to be pretty well rounded. There are other supplements to use but are basically out of my budget until I get the rest of the hardware I need. I did pick up a bag of KoolBloom to go with maxibloom. The kB is used as a ripener during the last 2 to 3 weeks of flower pre flush.

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