First appointment of the Obama administration

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  1. He's a bigger 'socialist' than Obama. I dare you to read his book, "The Plan"
  2. The position he was elected to is perfect for him. It's a place where you need someone to get stuff done and bust heads.
  3. American response to that would be something like..

  4. bi-partisans getting shit done ftw.
  5. He grew up in a town like 5 minutes away and went to a rival High School...weird haha. He seems like a good guy and will get shit done.:hello:

  6. oop, I forgot. Americans don't read books...
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    In many respects the Chief of Staff is the second most powerful man in Washington. Chief of Staff is responsible for overseeing the actions of the White House staff, managing the President's schedule, and deciding who is allowed to meet with the President.

    I find this odd, Obama is stepping away from the Kennedy mold here, Kennedy never had a Chief of Staff. Chiefs of staffs if they are given to much power become prime ministers, just look at France or Russia if you want proof of this. The prime minister runs the government (operations-wise), while the president remains somewhat aloof from the political process, but personally handling policy matters. Donald Regan, Chief of Staff under Ronald Reagan was considered a prime minister by many people and became somewhat imperialist presidency in that regard.

    Obama just disappointed me with this one, even Kennedy and Clinton didn't have the balls to make a pick like this.

    Audio books are way less work and they are more accessable imo.

    I can be learning about the history of the world in a book while doing other work at the same time. Books are more of a singular experience. I multitask.
  8. easy there champ, I'm a literary scholar.
  9. Wah wah wah, your surprised that Obama picked an ass kicker for the enforcer role.
  10. I am disappointed he picked a man with way more radical views than his own to oversee the actions of the White House staff, managing the his schedule, and decide who is allowed to meet with the him. It is a dis-service to what he said about "working together" to get what needs to get done.

    The man is just about as much of an ass kicker as guy who buys the pumpkin spice latte from starbucks.
  11. Rahm is a bad ass enforcer. After Clinton was elected, he was so mad at all of clintons enemys he stabed the table after listing them out and shouting "Dead! Dead! Dead!"

    After he was done the table looked like the moon.

  12. And this is a guy you think is fit to run the white house?

    The more you respond the more your arguement regresses.

  13. Ya Emanuel hates Republicans and the ones left in office it could be argued aren't totally Neo-cons. Should be interesting to see how much he'll be influenced by him. Think of this Rove was Bush's Deputy Chief of Staff.
  14. Rove acted more as Bushes spunge to the media backlash than anything, trying to get him to say something negative about Bushes actions are like trying to catch a greased pig.

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