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First Amsterdam Trip

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mr.Ayzehh, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Hey guys
    Sorry if im posting this in the wrong place this is my first ever post on here.
    So, me a and group of my mates are looking to go to Amsterdam to lose our stoner's V, get high and go sight seeing. We'll be going in the February half term and i need some help!
    1. Best company to fly with? something cheap and reliable for our first lads get away of many to come! been scouting around, is £60-80 return about right?
    2. Book a room in the city centre or outside? we have no problems walking our getting the tram places, but mainly aiming for cost efficiency because were all 18
    3. Recommend some good coffee shops and museums to visit as we love to explore and see things when under the influence
    4. Recommended strains or specialities for when were there? I'd say were intermediate level smokers.
    5. Any do's or dont's for dam? seeing as there is 10 of us going.
    Im taking roughly 500£ to pay for flight and stay too, is that enough? excluding emergency money
    Any and all recommendations are welcome! thanks

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    Well I can't answer much since I've never been to Amsterdam, but KLM is probably the cheapest coming from the UK. That or British airways

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  3. Go to Anne franks house!
  4. The Van Gogh Museum is fantastic, it's worth a trip if you're into art.  Plus, it's a good cover story, so you can discuss something non-smoke-related with people when you get back.
    I also learned the hard way it's probably a good idea to make your preferred coffee shop(s) as close as possible to your hotel - Amsterdam is laid out like a spider web, not like a grid, and if you take a couple of wrong turns, you can get totally fucking lost really easy.
  5. Save your money and go to co or wa

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  6. Stay in the centre, it's much easier to navigate through the canals etc when you're staying there.
    Do have fun, don't act like douches. The police are pretty strict over there so don't take the piss. No photos of the red light girls.
    Do go to a sex show! Super fun. The one with the pink elephant outside is good.
    Theres a little hemp museum that's pretty cool and you're allowed to smoke inside.
    The sex museum which is on the main strip from the station to Dam square is hilarious, I recommend.

    Have fun dude, well jelly.
  7. Any idea what the public transports like?
    Thanks man! mhm thank god i chose to go with the superchill lot instead of the wannabe badmans who also invited me! to this day ive never had any run ins with the law :) fingers crossed.
    Brilliant, were slowly racking up a list of things to do, although realistically only a few will be done due to laziness aha
  8. i can see that definitely being a problem, are the locals friendly enough? thanks for the advice! 
    yes alot of the poeple im going with study art so will be adding that one onto the list.
  9. I'm sorry man I don't have much clue about the transport I've always stayed in the centre and walked to places I wanna go cos the place is beautiful. Watch out for the trams and bikes though they will ride/cycle right through you.

    If you wanna do something funny get super high then go to Madame Tussades (the wax museum) I really recommend this for lols.
  10.  get super baked and eat truffles
  11. All the shops there are great and plenty of crazy food places for your munchies. Try the dampkring they have a ton of variety and a nice atmosphere but smokey's and the green house are the best ones (in my opinion) idk how much u smoke but me and my bro spent like 400$ each on just weed and food for like 3 days last time.

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  12. Definitely hit up "The Grey Area" for coffee shops.  Get there early though if you want to post up for a bit as it's really small but the bud is top notch.  Someone Mentioned Dampking earlier and that is definitely a must hit as well. 

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