First amateur video of Challenger shuttle explosion revealed

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  1. More than 25 years after the space shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after liftoff, an amateur video of the accident has surfaced.
    The newly released video, taken by Jeffrey Ault, and licensed from Ault by the Huffington Post, offers a closer and more intimate view of the tragedy than have other video reports previously released by the news media. Ault was part of a live audience gathered to watch the Challenger take off from the Kennedy Space Center, less than 10 miles from the launch site. He shot the video on his Super 8 home video camera, and it sat for 26 years in a box in his house.

    read more: First amateur video of Challenger shuttle explosion revealed | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News
  2. That's nuts. You can tell people in that group had no clue what happened. Sounded like I heard a lady say "aww, that's beautiful" and then it trails off. Closer to the end a dude says how it was an explosion and sounds like the same lady says "don't say that!".
  3. Man... that's sad.
  4. Wow, those people were pretty clueless.
  5. My 9th grade science teacher was one of the 4 finalist to go on that. Everyone congratulated him on not making it after this, but this is really sad.
  6. Wow.. its pretty spectacular to see footage of it happening and to see that everyone was clueless about what happened. I mean come on.. the shuttle broke apart then started falling downwards.. you think someone would understand that something bad happened. Its pretty sad to see this though..
  7. first? :confused:. there are now 3 amateur videos of the challenger explosion, you can find them on youtube. i'm pretty sure this is the most recent one to surface.
  8. The middle school i went to was named after the teacher that died in the explosion, Christa McAuliffe

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