first all hash joint

Discussion in 'General' started by mediumtoker, May 16, 2010.

  1. :smoking::smoking:i dont use papers often but i got a some hash today and was like fuck it. im gonna make a hash joint. i dont have pics lol cause i dont have a cam but i want some inspiration to hit that shit.

    why should i smoke this fat hash only joint?:smoking:
  2. i think the real question you should be asking yourself is 'why not'
  3. in the current time because im eating food so i wont pass out and cause im waiting for people to reply lol
  4. half now half later?
  5. use a blunt what a waste of weed bro
  6. if your really dont want it to be a waste, give it to me haha
  7. i didint say shit bout it bein a waste lol its totally worth it dude nah man blunts are too much for me and there is no weed lol im definintly smokin this WHOLE thing
  8. The paper will burn too quickly, you need a blunt wrap.
  9. i would definately use a bowl
  10. why only a bowl why not somethig else
  11. Yep , theres no way an all hash joint will ever light never mind stay lit.This why tobacco is added.
  12. Because you'll be one very happy fucking guy :cool:
  13. Look up Hashbean420 all hash joint on youtube. It's a fully hash joint, not even paper, just straight HASH!

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