First aeroponic system...any help would be awesome

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  1. I have a 2000 watt lighting system, along with a brand new aeroflo 120 site system that allows ebb and flo or aeroponic conversion, i currently have it set up for the aero. have my fans and filters, mylars and meters. :smoke: i have a very nice variety of seeds, such as nebula, mantanuska tundra, jack the ripper, vanilla kush, purple haze, white widow x big bug and pineapple express. I plan on growing them all together, about half are already in the system and the other have is germinating. I introduced them into the system when they were exactly 14 days old. They are now 30 days old and doing very well, i'm using the b.c. line of nutrients. They are at 600 ppm and the lowest suggested level. I keep the ph between 5.5 and 6.5. i recently found out that you are only supposed to lower the ph a .2 a day at most and so as a result might have caused some damage. They are looking very beautiful and vibrant now... any suggestions, comments, questions would be deeply appreciated being as this is my first grow and know no other growers :wave:
  2. all sounds like a good set up mate

    are you going to do one type or a mixed grow

    you will find that you will get more response with pictures, that why i havent done any more grow diarys as camera packed up lol and i think stoners like looking at pics as it saves reading the thousand words it represents :D
  3. tl;dr

    lol just kidding, sounds great man, like the man said, lets see some pics of that bad boy.

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