First acid trip

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  1. Well this is a story of my night last night, my first time doing acid!

    So I started off the night by telling my parents I was sleeping over a friends house ( they trust me because I am a senior and havnt gotten in any trouble in awhile)

    So I peaced from my house, and cruized over to my friends A's house, and picked up my 3 friends who were going to attend an open house with me. We arrive at the open house, there is 2 30 racks and 2 handles and about 15 kids total.

    I begin to drink ( finished a beer in about 10 minutes) and was pumped to get drunk and pass out at this house. Right after my first beer, my friend B tells me he has 2 tabs of acid and he wants to do with me. I have never really done anything like this before ( mostly stick to booze and the herb)

    So I was like fuck it, I'm at this house..ill just take it and trip and then sleep here...oh boy was I wrong.

    I put in the tab, under my tongue for about 45 minutes then I swallowed it. Nothing happened for about an hour and I was thinking how it was probably fake. Me and my friend B, both on acid, decide to walk togeher a few houses down the road to another open house. We get there and I only stay for about 5 minutes before I just wanted to go back to the other party, yet B wanted to stay. So I said fuck it, and made the journey back myself.

    This was where the trip really kicked in. It was so dark out and I swore everywhere I looked I saw a glipse of figures and every car that passes me had weird patterns in the head lights. I was freaking since I was alone, and decided to run back to the party instead of walk...

    So I get back in the house and im tired as shit from running back and Im trippin nuts. I proceed to pour myself a glass of juice and relax in a chair. At this time tehre was only about like 5 kids on the main floor with me, and the rest were in the bedrooms upstairs.

    The next thing I knew the fuckin mom walks in the front d, I was trippin nuts so i grab my shit and hop on the back door, cause I do not want to get introuble for this shit.

    So I hop in my car and drive back to the other party where i knew I would be safe...Not to mention I drove over the girls fucking lawn. So I meet back up with B at the other party, just as people are getting kicked out for the night. So I call my other friends who also ditched, and they told me they were at this girls house nearby and we could come..

    I drive to the nearby house, and we continue raging hard in the basement. They proceded to tell me that 2 guys were still in the house while the moms yelling at the daughter, but luckily the busted a window and cuahgt up with us.

    Everyone left and it was myself and 4 bros in the basement until 5 in the morning just talking about how awesome the night was.

    ANyway, my first acid trip was a scary experience cause I didn't just have one place to chill, but it ended up working out :)

    Now I stayed up till 5 in the morning two nights in a row, and I am tired as Peace!
  2. driving drunk + tripping on acid? now that's responsible!
  3. 1 beer didnt make me drunk, and the drive was legit about 200 yards, so I wasnt too woried about it not being responisible

  4. Says an arms dealer, responsibility is selling guns to criminals?....Oh yeah...

    Anyways cool story maaan, Sounded fun.
  5. Sounds like a very dope night, nice man.

  6. lmao what are you talking about? thats not even the same guy
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    Fucking ahahah that guy fails hard.

    Just remembers the shitty display picture.

    I'm pretty sure when I met them, they werent criminals.

    And don't go about dissing me for what I did in my past.

    Just remember the person you buy your weed from is technically a criminal.
    It's just how you look at it. I'm still generally a good person.
  9. Sounds like a good trip man! You should try tripping in the forest or at the beach. :smoking:
  10. You're foolish. Driving while fucked up like that is so irresponsible.

    Grow up.

    You'd do well to take acid in a controlled environment, not just for the fuck of it. It's a powerful tool; don't fuck with it.
  11. Lol last time i was in vegas we were SUPPOSED to be staying at my friends house not getting into any trouble but u know acid. by 11:30 we were wandering vegas free of that fucking constraining house! and my friend found this broken clock and carried it around all night it totally felt like some alice and wonderland shit.

    does anyone else find metaphors in just about everything when they're tripping?

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