first acid trip

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  1. So friday was my first time dropping acid. I gotta say it was the coolest experience I've ever had. I dropped about 3/4 of a double dipped hit in my last class with my friend Kyle, and after we got out we walked to our friends house (which was an adventure in itself) to pick up some dank homegrown. When we got there there were like 10 people packed into his trailer in his backyard smoking bowls, and it was so hot in there we both went outside cause it was way to intense on acid. After that we bought a pack of stoges and that was when people started showing up. By now we were tripping balls and so was this kid named T that showed up with 4 people, 2 of which were drunk off their asses and the other two brought black tar :confused: After a few hours of this, Kyle started tripping really hard and kept telling me we needed to go to the park, which was definitely the right choice since as soon as we got there we felt like we could sit there and stare at the grass and the trees and the sky for days :D I had to leave about an hour later since I was going sailing with my dad (most fun car ride ever) and by the time we got to San Francisco I was still tripping fairly hard which made for a fun come-down as I got to smoke the rest of the cigarettes and watch seals fish by the dock :cool:

    Well, that was last friday, and it sure was needed after the friday before it (chapped by the cops) late GC :smoke:
  2. Heroine bro steer clear man
  3. no joke..

    bump :D just in case anyone actually wants to read this :hello:

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