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first abv edible

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by whiteboyy09, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. just put around 1.5 of some brown abv in a protein shake with lecithin. will post results
  2. aaand nothing
  3. I think you should give it another chance, up the dose to like 2.5-3G.....or even double that.

    I got a great body high from 1.8g in a peanut butter/milkshake recipe(not bad)but it depends on the potency of the ABV to.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you need to activate the weed first? I thought that by simmering it in oil or fat, you transfer the thc from the weed to the fat, and that's what gets you high.
  5. yes maxwell you are wrong it has been activated when it was vaped......I always get high off avb I just sprinkle it on pb and j takes about hour and a half to hit
  6. whiteboy may have vaped it too much
  7. Oh ok, I guess we all learned today
  8. I still like to cook mine a bit with something that has high fat content...........just in case. Seems to work better for me if I do that.
  9. I ate prob 2.5g last night on a pb and honey last night. Felt real warm and chill. Prob shoulda had about 4g but im a 2 year daily blazer with no t-breaks
  10. i usually vape till my buds are light brown and .2 grams in a peanut butter sandwich gets me.
  11. I actually just made my first ABV edible with my Vapir NO2's dark brown after vape, and I had 17g, melted it into a stick of butter in the crock pot overnight, smelled so bad I almost threw up. Nasty stuff. But then I had a brown stick of butter, strained out the weed and it was still the same volume. Put it into a batch of brownies, made 16 of them. I actually gave them out as Christmas presents because they knocked me on my ass. The high is so chill too.
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    lol that i did, next time i'm going to give it a light vaping. Not even upset though, i reused the same weed 3 or 4 times and still got ripped each time
  13. Cooknig it into a fat, oil, or alcohol will still tremendously increase potency.

    Make this.

    Then blend that peanut butter into your shake or make a milkshake and turn it canna-peanutbutter flavored :)

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