First 3 Bible Belt States?

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    Who wants to say it now for the record , Which 3 ( in order ) Southern " Bible Belt States " Gets some form of Legalized Marijuana ?
    It seems like That the Southern states are the farthest away .
     Any type of serious discussion about Legalization of Marijuana gets laughed at where im from . 
    What's Your Pick for the first 3 ?  we will bring the thread back to the top later as it gets passed to see who wins and why :)
    North Carolina
    South Carolina
    West Virginia.

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    North Carolina. Georgia. And I really want to say Florida but idk they have a stick up their ass.
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    You really think NC?
    I live in NC I hope your right . im moving to Colorado because I thought NC would be the last , I seriously hope your right .
  4. As you can tell by my Avatar I really hope North Carolina is first haha. But the republicans came in and dominated state congress and now nothing good is happening. Not just for weed but for everything. Education cuts, they tried to make christianity the state religion (the sad part is it came close to passing), a medical marijuana billl made it but was shut down because too many people supported it and the congressmen couldnt keep up with emails so they called it harassment. They are implimenting a 7 part plan to block democrats from voting and it is really scary. Ill leave this with the words of NC state senator Tommy Tucker after an educated bystander stepped in to correct a false statement "I am the senator, You are the citizen. Be quiet"
  5. Sorry I didn't list 3 I edited it.
    But yeah I mean it's already decriminalized. But I still wouldn't hold your breath. All of those states are slow on the legalization movement. I'm in the NE and I'm not holding my breath for my state either. 
    If you got the funds and stuff then I would still go to CO. I firmly believe the next state to legalize will be Oregon which is why I'm moving there.
  6. It was nothing more than that haha. If by harassment they mean supporters of something they are against then I guess that is 'harassing' to them. But they have stated clearly that they don't wanna play by the rules...
  7. Most states along the east side of the country have this mentality of, this is how it is now shut up because what you say won't change it. And the states that do have MMJ over here are so strict about it they are basically saying, we'll give you the steak but you can only lick it, no eating.
  8. I gotta get out of here haha. It isn't looking very good :l
    There are places like Asheville where I live that are rather open minded about these kind of things and I guarantee that if pot does become legal here Asheville will have the first despensary in the state!
    But small city of Asheville with some Charlotte and Raleigh people aren't enough to phase the state heads who don't even believe we exist here. Were the bastard child of NC republicans haha.
  9. Hahaha yeah man. If you do leave where you going?
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    Missouri(I am from there trust me)
    Though they can appear conservative these people love their marijuana.
    Edit: initially misread post
  11. Probally Colorado just so I can stop being a weed activist and just smoke the stuff lol.
    I have also looked at a couple cities in Canada as well and I am fairly sure that I have the proper conditions to get a class I MJ card. Severe chronic arthritus in my right wrist that only gets worse with time, it is also perm. broken and it is 90 degrees sideways (skateboarding crash + shitty doctors lol).
  12. I don't know I see so many people moving to CO and honestly with the legalization IMO that's the least smart thing to do. CO is already pretty pricey in good areas, the legalization is causing so many people to move there which in turn will cause housing and what not to rise like mad. It's a domino effect, CO & WA were the first and others will follow. I think it's smarter to get in the states that have high chances of legalizing before it happens so you're not part of the flock.
    I'm just rambling though, ya'll can have CO. :smoking:
  13. I mainly say Colorado because I want to stay in the mountains and I wanna stay high haha. I also plan to go all out with growing for myself so price wont be a big deal once I get some crops going at steady intervals. If I can find a place with plenty of mountains to explore, and a nearby city to live in then I should be set to go haha.
  14. Arkansas, then Missouri, and Mississippi for the win Bob!
  15. Any of the southern states that elects a governor that runs with legalization in their platform,,,and I think there will be several candidates in several states that will surface. :smoke:
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    the way Pat Mccrory is fuckin up the state even further, NC will never have legal their so concerned about that "spice" shit to get it illegal, an easy easy way would be to legalize marijuana but thats too simple of a solution
  17. not VA................  :cry:

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