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First 2 QWISO hash oil attempts

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Parkis420, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. So my brother and I bought a nice oil rig from *******************.com and decided to try making some oil, looked up some easy methods for making concentrates, and found the qwiso method and bho method.

    The process consisted of shaking at first, an ounce of schwag in a mason jar with 91% isopropyl alchohol for 30 seconds, then straining through 3 coffee filters. we then placed the pyrex dish on just under boiling water to evaporate all the alcohol off. at the bottom of the dish was quite a bit of hash oil.. prob about 2.5 g's of nice gooey dark brown almost black oil.

    Then next we used 3g's of some top quality dank, using the same method. this time there was nearly the same result, however the oil left behind was a more dark brown with a deep red tint to it, with a much more satisfying taste. However, here is my problem.

    Both times we've made the concentrates, the oil is so sticky on the bottom of the pan it's nearly intangible/stable to move onto anything, and gets stuck to the knife and finger's like crazy. I assume with each batch we lost about a gram of oil to the bottom of the pan/knife. Do you guys think this is because of the way we evaporated the alcohol? should we try bho method for our next batch? how to we get concentrates to a good stable consistency? we really are diggin' the concentrates so far but wanna get a real nice batch going. please spread us your infinite knowledge :smoke:
  2. Freeze it, it makes it easier to handle. When you freeze it, put it in your oil dish or whatever you're using to hold it. BHO is much more potent, but in return you get less of it. I'm not an expert on oil rigs but I've heard they don't work well with QWISO. If you want to get something out of a dish or pan, assuming you're using glass, heat it up with a torch until it's liquid and just pour it out.
  3. 1) Use razor blades, it will grab almost all the oil. Two are preferred so when the oil is collected on the first one, you scrape off the razor with the other one at a 90 degrees different. For example, hold the oil blade so the blade points to the left. Take the second razor so the blade aims in front of you, then scrape using just a corner/side.

    2) Heat or freeze the oil for convenience. It shouldn't be sticky just goopy.

    3) I made BHO for the first time 2 weeks ago, it is FAR superior to qwiso, but much stickier, like caramel. But it's pure and bubbles, blonde honey colored, hands down the way to do it, I'll never qwiso again.
  4. Thank you for the help guys xD I see what's happened now. Would freezing it after evaporation right away be advised when I make bho?
  5. 30 seconds is too long.. that's why it's dark.

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