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First 1/8th and a shiny new bowl! [pic]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skitzo444, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Hi everybody,

    Been browsing this forum for the weekend and decided to join. I'm 22 and have been smoking for a little less than year. Always with friends on their dime and I decided it was time to get my own and stop mooching.

    Here is whats left of my first 1/8th I bought for $25. I also picked up this glass piece while I was in Atlantic City Saturday.


    My first question...

    I also bought a pack of screens because I heard without one ash can get in your mouth. How big/small should the screen be in comparison to the bowl? Should it just barely cover the whole at the bottom of the bow,l or is it okay if it's bigger?

  2. Stems-a-plenty lol.
  3. Thats a pretty cool pipe, but damn dude that weed looks horrible.
  4. 1/8? ripped.?? or whats the prices over there? nice piece mann

  5. hmm nm..haha caught my own mistake... whats LEFT of the 1/8th...hahah..
  6. its fine if the screen is bigger as long as it stays in the bowl,
    personally i always use glass screens though so thats not much of a problem
    that bud doesnt look too bad but it sure does have a lot of stems
  7. sweet bowl.
    the weeds hella stemmy though...
  8. Yeah, cool bowl, but you should look for some better bud..
  9. You might want to get your friends to help you find the good weed. Unless that's what they smoke. That stuff looks like it's still too moist and they're right, lot of stems. How did that stuff smoke being so damp? BTW if you wanna dry out your bud keep it in something made of wood, sucks the moisture right out of it. Burns so much better.
  10. weed looks bleh but the bowl looks like it will hit well.
    I dont know why you are worrying about a screen with a glass bowl like that you dont need a screen, just make bottom break a tad larger and just break smaller on top of it, it should stick enough to the glass to maintain its hold on itself keeping above the gap/hole. You never have to use a screen with a glass pipe because of the stickiness vs the glass.. just make bottom buds kinda bigger.
  11. the screen goes in the bottom off the bowl. I would use one so it collects some nice resin, but you really dont have to.
  12. good man stepping up and buying your own weed lol. if your gona be a smoker, you gotta have your own sack. if you wana try something new maybe ask around for some "headies" or "nugget". high quality buds will blow your mind!

    the screen you want to be just big enough to have a snug fit around the bottom of the bowl. if you get it in there good and tight you will hardly be able to tell there is a screen once it's a little rez'd up.
  13. Dude I have the same piece, It's just orange, I like yours better though.

  14. A metal screen will ruin your glass bowl. Put a piece of weed big enough to block the hole before packing. When bowl gets low pull carefully until you see your origanal piece getting sucked through. IMO Much Love.
  15. Use that bowl and tell me if you see sparks in it when you inhale like I do.
  16. dude ur bowl looks like its glowing. its awesome
  17. lol @ your weed. sorry.
  18. why will a metal screen ruin a glass pipe???

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