First '04 Harvest? Introducing "Bimbo"

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Phyll, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. hey HEY! Happy New Year (and beer)! Here are pics of my "sea of bimbos" before harvest today. All with CFL's, soil, Schultz Bloom Plus and exactly 12 weeks (4/8) growing. I'm not sure what strain or strains but I'm calling it Bimbo. They smell nice and sweet hanging upside down in the dark and by next week at this time I'll be starting another batch. However, I will be going with a 150 HPS and additional large CFL's for flowering. We shall see...Also, I'll post pics of the cured buds later.

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  2. webcam's another

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  3. how does it look?

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  4. this one could have gone a bit longer but...

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  5. I can see exciting times ahead!

  6. i can see high times ahead...:D
  7. i see stoned people...

  8. that was you staring at me from outside my window....?? :p
  9. HIGH All, very nice Phyll!!! What size container you used? I remember when I first grew with Floro's (81') I went out bought these $12 plant grow lights and find out later cool whites were better and they cost 2 bucks.
  10. Unoit, I have a 24 inch diameter x 12 inch deep black plastic planter. I found it in the median of the freeway. It literally fell off the back of a truck. It even has handles molded right into the sides. I can get 10-12 plants started in it and this time I ended up with 8 females and some nice little buds as you can see in my latest pic post (Le Bimbo). Phyll
  11. look like some good shit, but I wouldnt smoke it!



  12. sorry

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