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firs time.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by seeeeztheday, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Ok so this weekend im going to finally try it (im almost 21) Im pretty excited but scared at the same time. some really experianced friends are going to come and do it with me so that will be good. idk just felt like sharing.
  2. have fun ! hope your one of the lucky people who gets high the first time
  3. Bring water, and make sure to have something to distract you i.e. a video game. Music is good to, but it tends to trip me out even more.
  4. i have a question.... were going to be together for like 12 hours so if i dont get high on the first try will i have time to try again in the 12 hrs?

  5. Yeah man, once me and a few buds picked up a shitload and smoked for like a day straight, even if your wrecked it doesnt hurt to take another hit.

  6. i don't see why you shouldn't try.....:smoke:

  7. Ive always wondered this.^
  8. yeah man, dont worry about overdoing it, cant.
  9. If you just keep smoking you will eventually get high.
  10. It's possible people who dont get high the first time aren't inhaling correctly... so make sure you breathe really deeply into your lungs, swallowing smoke doesn't do anything :p
  11. I'm no expert on the matter or anything, but I would think that if you know how to breathe air, you know how to breathe smoke. I always found it a little strange that people say they didn't get high their first time because of that; if you're with people who know what they're doing, I wouldn't even worry about it.
  12. just dont think about what people say its like. just smoke it, and youll feel one of the greatest feelings on earth
  13. welcome my friend to the world in your head
  14. yeah im planning on just doing this one weekend i just want the experiance and then if i ever do it after i only want to do it like 1 or 2 times a year. i want to keep it something special.

    and one the other note... I REALLY Fing HOPE I GET HIGH. lol
  15. Pretty good advice there. Definitely have a drink while smoking. Personally I love having a nice glass of Tang with me :D.

    And yeah the first few times I got high, music definitely made me trip harder.

    Just don't be nervous while your smoking and once you get high (if you do) don't be like "o shit i shouldn't of done that." Because If you start to regret doing it, you will not have a fun time. That was the tip my friend gave me for acid, but I think it pertains to smoking weed for the first time too.

    Good luck and have fun!
  16. As someone said above, just relax and don't worry, you can't break anything smoking pot.
  17. Have fun! atleast you got some experienced guys with you. my first time my buddys had no clue on what they were doing.
  18. I'm pretty sure if you don't initially get high then you can try again right away. It's not like you are immune your first time or anything, I believe people just aren't doing it right when it doesn't work out the first try...
    Just breathe in nice and deep like you'd breathe in some fresh air, then hold it in your lungs for about 3 seconds or until you cough. For your first time a couple hits should have you flying! :smoke:
    Most of all ENJOY YOURSELF, and let go of any worries you have./
  19. im so freaking excited! :) is there anything i should try while im high? I want to try masturbating but ill have people over so that might not be possible... were going to play halo and such that should be awesome... anything else i should try???q
  20. Eat McDonalds! double cheeseburgers are awesome while stoned.

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