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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by anthony666, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. this is my first grow im growing in a metal closet of decent size only want two plants got five started. so far i got two floros on them and a ps2 fan i had laying around my hobby shop. would like them to be no taller than three feet tall, my closet is 2x4x6 so i should have the room. anywho my first Q is to keep them around three feet when should i start the flower stage right now there three inches tall "about a week and a half old thanks for the in put Anthony
  2. To keep them about 3 feet, then I'd start when they're 2 foot (assuming an indica dominant strain). But you can top them or LST them and keep them short.
  3. thanks for the input been thinking about the whole Lst thing a lot only keeping two indoors so i would have plenty of room. do you think i could keep three in that space?
  4. I would say yeah 3 wwould fit. How many Watts of Flouros you got?? and are you going to upgrade to HID or get more flouros??
  5. got a 75w gro light and a 35w warm heat light going to put a total of for floros in there that are 4ft think that should do her? There doing great so far there about 3 inches tall and on there third set of leaves i got six started hoping for three to be my ladies.

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