firs grow need a little help

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    can anyone please tell me why there are no white pistils comming out of the flowers?? (if you look closer you'll see there are few pistils but it looks like they were sun damaged or something)

    forgot to mention its a big bud

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  2. Weird looking plant man. Might be a mutant. All those three bladed leaves is weird...
  3. anyone have something useful to tell me??
  4. looks like a male palnt to me? Hope I am wrong....

  5. i'm sure its a female
  6. u will find out soon enough.....good luck with it. looks healthy to me.
  7. i think you,ll be ok it,s female some times the white hairs on the perflowers
    don,t last now if the buds do that you may have a problem
  8. Methinks its a dude.


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