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  1. Dudes/Dudettes,

    Today my friend and I went into this corner store to use my visa and get cashback so i could buy a Half-O, so we walk go into the store, and the cashier said something to his buddy, my friend thought he called us Kitty's (young kids), and my friend didn't like that so he's like "What the fuck did you just say to me?!" and the dude was like "Get the fuck out of my store, and never come back"..So i was like "dude wtf.." and i just said to my buddy that we should just get out, as we're walking out the cashier Chucked a plastic ball at my buddy, but i told him to just keep walking, and the fuckin cashier came out of his store and started chasing us, he was yellin shit too he was like "If i ever catch you in here again im gonna fuckin kill you!"...

    So, here we were, the day after we chewed 2 pills of E, and chewed 4 grams of shrooms, we're kinda sketched out, askin eachother "Did that just happen?" haha..

    Anyways, we're gonna go back when he gets off work and fix him a beatin :)..And after that, we're going to buy fireworks :)

    The main "Idea" was about firecrackers, i was sittin in my hottub earlier and fireworks were goin off, it was pretty chill..all baked and shit..:smoke:
  2. WTF? I would have knocked over every shelf on my way out. THEN bought fireworks
  3. Haha, trust me dude, i wanted to, but he has a baby on the way, no need to go to jaill ya know?
  4. +rep for keeping a cool head
  5. i would have grabbed a box of blunts and a 18 rack...
    and then bounced
  6. i'm not saying i would have killed him, but he would have gone missing...
  7. fo real he might have came out and got a rock to the head or least make him your bitch and put him on the cornor or sell your crack
  8. Wow, that went down quick?
  9. yea first off, man, store dude blew up quick, prolly strung out of somen.
    but i like how you kept a cool head, and i would have either taken a swing at everyone in the store, knocked everything over. and dipped, or have called the cops, the dude threw a ball at him for no reason lol.

    haha, my favorite option is, beat the fuck outta him and make him start paying you "gang protection fees" lol. that would be funny as hell
  10. when he came out of the store chasing you i would have turned around and nailed that fucker. He has no reason to do that... you could easily pass it off as defence or whatever... and thats assuming that your stupid enough to stick around for the 5-0 lol.
  11. fireworks this time of year hmmm. wish i could get some.
  12. Its a holiday here in Canada so thats why we've got em now.

    Wow way to control, I think that if that happened to me I'd be in disbelief like who flips out that easily.
  13. fireworks are fucking the shit. I love em.
  14. Lmao, me and my buddy went back there last night, we were trippin on E and Shrooms, we waited til he got off work, as he was walking home down an alley we started walkin towards him and confronted him, he took a swing at my friend so i smashed him in the side with a bat, dropped the bat then dropped him..then we just beat the shit out of him..

    I hope he's not dead..:S
  15. He deserved it
  16. Haha! He deserved it...but SHAME on you! ....for not taking a pic for us.:mad: :)
  17. U should get bottle rockets and shoot them at his store then beat his ass. That would be funny as fuck.

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