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    Hey all.

    I'm growing a strain called "The Church" by I think Greenhouse seeds, it's a feminized autoflowering strain that finishes in 2-3 months, seed to harvest.

    I'll try to keep an updated journal including all the equipment I use, with regular pictures.

    I plan to use a MH all the way through, my friend who's an experienced grower said for an autoflower it wouldn't make a huge difference between a HPS and MH, MH will bring bud size and HPS will bring tricomes. Using 6.4L pots, and normal tap water. Soil im using is some potsoil mixed with fertilizer/some nutrients for tropical plants (guy at store recommended it).

    So to start it off:

    Day 0: Started seed germination

    Day 1: Seeds arn't germinated yet. They got a bit darker in color and a bit bigger in size but no real progress yet. Set up my grow space (closet), surrounded the back + sides with reflective mylar (too awkward to do the insides of door because its not a regular door, but all of my closet is painted white, also not enough supplies left). Tested out the light (400W MH)

    First pic: (grow space pic with light on. I hope it's safe, I'm going to do a better job hiding the cables so that they cant come in contact with the light bulb. The light is suspended over a metal bar that runs across my closet for coat hanging, I've left it hanging there for hours and it seems safe enough.)
    Germination attempt: (I took the top paper off it for the photo, yes it does have a top + something covering it).

    Much respect bros, learned alot from this site. Happy growing friends, will update tomorrow with hopefully some germinated seeds.

    Would enjoy criticism or tips!
  2. day 4: seeds are starting to germinate, put 2 of them into soil since root tips were about 1 or 1.5cm long. 1 of the seed shells wont open, 2 of them are still opening.

    (planted top right and bottom right, top right has a big root tip but its blending in with the napkin

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