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  1. I have a pretty intense story of me and my two boy's almost getting caught by the fuzz. It was a glorious day in Delaware that morning, sun was shining and the temperature was perfect. To celebrate such a happy day my friends and myself all decide to give herbal almage to the weed gods and smoke about a quarter of some banging ass headies in a church yard.
    so we all hop in the car and start driving towards our destination. We finally get to the spot and we're happy because there is no one in the church and we THOUGHT that there was no one next door, so my friend whipped out his grandpop pipe and we started to blaze. About an hour into our smoking session one of my friends (who I will call Jet) suggests to make a fire in the middle of the field, my other friend (who I will call Lee :D) thinks that that's a terriffic idea and he starts to collect the kindling. While both of my retarted friends are getting the fire start im over in the corner of the place just toking out that pipe while listening to champagne supernova. My friends finally start the fire and the make the fire HUGE. This is where it starts to get bad.
    The neighbors that we thought were gone really werent and saw the smoke billowing into their house from the fire (They couldnt see us that we were smoking). So we are sitting their still blazing, oblivious to them calling the police. Finally after about 10 minutes of the fire burning it was my friends turn to hit the pipe, and as soon as the pipe hit his lips all we heard were sirens. At this point I was so blitzed out of my mind I didnt get it at first but when I saw a Delaware State Police officer roll out of his undercover car, it hit me.
    So what I guess happens with my friends, who were carring all of the ganja which was wrapped up in a piece of pink paper and the pipe, that Jet ditched the pipe in a pile of leaves and my other friend Lee stupidly held onto the ganja and put it in his pocket. SO then the Cop starts to question us like why we werent in school ( we were skipping that day) and why we were in the church yard. Jet, who has been questioned by the cops many of times, answers everything while me and Lee were just standing there looking stoned. AFter the questioning the cops decide to search us! They search me first and find nothing and told me that im free to go so I went over and sat on the curb waiting, and praying, for my friends. They then seach Lee and find nothing but a pack of cigs and a lighter, found nothing and let him go free, he accompied me on the curb. It was then Jet's turn, who had the weed wrapped in the pink paper , The cop searches him and pulls out the pink piece of paper. My heart, at this point, sink to the pit of my stomach, the cop then begins to unfold the piece of paper but half way through it he looked at it, looked at me and my friends, smiled and GAVE HIM BACK THE PINK PAPER. He sends us all of with a smile and a laugh, and we walk away with no charges and an amazing story to tell.

  2. A fire? Can't you just see a movie or go get hamburgers instead of making marijuna look bad? You got lucky with your cop by the way, he could have fucked your life over.

    Be more careful.:cool:
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  3. you started a giant fire in the yard of a church?
  4. Never commit 2 crimes at once.
    You better stick to that rule or you're gonna get fucked sooner or later.
    You and your friends were incredibly lucky that the cop let u all go despite of the weed AND setting a church yard on fire.
  5. that shit made me laugh so hard thank you my Italian brother
  6. bullshit. No cop would let you go after you smoked hella dro and you had hella dro on you and you set the church on fire.
  7. why would he go out of his way to write a huge post of bullshit on a website. people are so quick to call bullshit and they dont realize that people dont just sit around thinking up crazy stories.

    To the OP, thats sick that you got off and its cool to know that not all cops are douche bags. obviously that was a retarded thing to do, setting a fire while blazed, but at least youll never do that shit again lol. also champagne supernova < dont look back in anger :D
  8. HAHAHA swweeeett!!! lol that Cop was probably blazin right around the block and was like "Respect man *hands it back" hahaha
  9. hahah thats an amazing sstory to tell ure grandchildren.
    but u got extremly lucky there.
    just be more careful next time:smoke::smoke::smoke:

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