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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by LeBronBurgondy, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Throwing up something I just discovered about a week or so ago when looking for a quick edible that would get me stoned and not have to use a whole lot. And what I found would be a firecracker, peanut butter, weed, and crackers. Yes it tastes horrible to some and bearable to others. I actually like the taste of ganja. But the high was absolutely fucking great and I didn't have to smoke anything I just ate 2 and went to work. By the time I got there. I wasn't worth a damn. These are definitely something you wanna eat when you have nothing to do for a few hours and can be alone. Personally I think being alone while high is alot more peaceful and the high seems to be stronger to me. But I'm also a social smoker brings a better side out of someone.

    If anyone has another recipe for an edible that doesn't take a whole lot of weed.
  2. Not trying to be anything but fc have been discovered for awhile now so many pointless threads on em here. Thats weird tho cuz i was just talking to a friend that was sick and couldn't smoke for a couple weeks so he made an eighth into 10x firecrackers and he said it was such a waste and was super salty about the situation. I told him all he had to do was give me the eighth and i would've flipped it into 10-20 caps and that process is in under 2-3 hrs and it guarantees it wont be wasted.
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  3. You talking about decarbing it? Cuz I have heard doing that opens up something or activates it.
  4. All cannabis you plan on eating will need to be decarbed.. This dislocates a C02 molecule from the inactive THCA converting it to active THC.. With out this step you got nothing.. Raw green weed has little to zero punch..
    Decarb = 40 to 60 minutes at 220-240 degrees F.. In a covered dish, pinched shut foil pouch, Oven grade Mica cooking bag.. Not plastic..
    Their using the oil in the peanut butter as the THC solvent but it's a piss poor method.. You'll have better results microwaving a bud in a tiny bit of coconut oil with some lecithin..
    Coconut oil needs no bile to digest so it's the quickest to get into your system.. Twice as fast as butter or any other oil is.. The lecithin is your power adder.. Makes better use of less material.. Found in many foods and meds to boost flavors and effects it does the same for our cannabis preparations..


    Real canna oil... 160 micron hash..

  5. Crazy I also just tried my hands at making firecrackers last week. Got 2 crackers with super ground up weed and peanut butter and a bit of regular butter in the middle, wrapped it in tin foil and baked it @ 320 degrees for 22 mins then another 15 secs in the microwave while they were still hot. Worked pretty damn well, very peaceful of a high. Good for a Saturday morning. If you're looking for more recipes I recommend checking the edibles section on Beyond Chronic – Medical Marijuana Information You Can Trust and I especially recommend checking out the section of this article on decarbing marijuana so you can ingest it straight up Old Hippie's Complete Guide To AVB

    I actually had a friend tell me how much more effective coconut oil is for decarb. But one question will cream of coconut work as well? I feel like it will be too much heat. I have an unused bottle in my cabinet I would love to put to use though. Maybe make some dank smoothies.
  6. TTT..
    Cream of coconut is a blend of coconut meat and water.. More like condensed milk.. No oil so not what we are after at all.. We need the oil as it's the solvent that dissolves the Trichome heads releasing the THC captive inside..
    It's rare I smoke now preferring about 8 of these a day..
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