FireMonkey's first grow!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by FireMonkey, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. I've recently decided to grow the great plant that i smoke :smoke:

    I'm using two long tube 40 Watt fluorescent lights that i found in my garage, as well as two 20 Watt CFL's, and im going to Meijer today to get two more 20 Watters:D

    I put them in soil after germinating them on August 30th.
    The first sprout, i discovered that baby today :)
    Note to self: do not use duct tape to hang lights

    Also, i bought some Tomato/Vegetable plant food, when should i add this into my soil?

    Happy Toking!
  2. Can a mod move this to the right section for me please?
  3. I got the two other lights, so now i have 160 watts of lighting :). The only sprouted plant is doing nicely.
  4. Great setup !

    I'd start giving them/it a mild solution straight away.

    Can't wait to see the progress.

    Cfls look nice and white. What type of tubes are those 40 watters?

    I hope you'll keep posting pictures of this !!
  5. I'm not sure, i found them in my garage. All they say is Sears 40 Watts Fluorescent. How often should i be watering these babies?
  6. check the soil everyday. if you stick your fingertip in and it's damp, don't water. if it's dry, add water.
  7. alright, in that case i need some water.

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