Firefox vs Internet Explorer

Discussion in 'General' started by tbw102, Jul 21, 2004.


Which do you guys prefer?

  1. Mozilla Firefox

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  2. Microsoft's Internet Explorer

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  1. What browser do you guys prefer? Firefox rocks! I hate IE.... its soo... old.
  2. i use firefox now, because it blocks all popups. it has its own share of problems though. can't browse file directories easily. occasionally when certain pages load, a form handler/processing page doesn't open correctly...hard to explain. but yeah.
  3. I use opera, works great
  4. I just switched to Foxfire from IE. FF doesnt have an autofill option, that I know of anyway..but other than that, works smooth enough for me.
  5. I never much cared for IE. I was using Opera then about 6 months ago I switched to Firefox, it works well but some pages don't load properly.
  6. I love firefox, ie is terrible in comparison.
  7. i love IE so it sounds like id really like firefox.
    is it shareware?

  8. Yeah:

  9. By 'Yeah', you mean 'No' right? Because it is not shareware. Shareware are things that have trial periods and you eventaully have to buy them to keep using them. Mozilla Firefox is freeware, meaning its all-around free. I do like Firefox, I hope it clears up all it's bugs once it hits that 1.0 milestone.

  10. oops
  11. NEVER use autocomplete. It is such a security breach it unbelieveable.

    Oh and I've tried mozilla, IE, opera, the original netscape, Konqurer, and yes, even lynx.

    I've been using firefox since it was called phoenix. I loves it. Tabbed browsing is the shit.
  12. Used I.E. Didn't like it. Then used Avant Browser. Kicked ass until I got sick of auto complete showing all the shit I get up to on the internet to anyone who uses my laptop and me not being able to delete autocomplete history for some stupid reason.

    Then came firefox. Working like a little biatch recently so I am happy.

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  13. The only thing I don't like about Firefox
    is that I can't watch video's on Launch.
    I get an error about needing to use
    Netscape 4.7 or above. Sucks, but I use
    IE for that and Windows Update, and
    that's it. I much prefer Firefox.
  14. Opera ..biatch!/...
  15. well i have both but right now im using IE cause firefox doesnt show movie all the time and some html stuff
  16. Where Firefox has some problems to it, I prefer it much more to IE. I was taught on IE, but my love is FF.
  17. aol n shit haha, works fine, has popup block n everythin
  18. opera.......pwn3d, n00bZ. H@!
  19. nothing beats mozilla.
  20. i heard of firefox but what is opera?

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