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Firefox is blocking me from viewing Grasscity

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by notime4schwag, Jan 10, 2013.

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    Don't know what the hell happened..I left the GC forum up when I went to go eat dinner. When I got back to my computer, my internet connection was lost. So I reconnected. When I tried going to GC, an adware page came up saying that the gc page couldn't be displayed. However, I was able to get to the GC forum page via a search engine but I cannot log in or click on any thread, because when I do firefox automatically takes me page to the main GC forum page (where you can view all the sub-forums). It's also odd because now there are a bunch of banner ads that weren't there before.

    No clue what happened, I was gone from my computer for less than an hour.
  2. uninstall and reinstall. clear all your information. try a system reboot
  3. Nevermind, GC is back to normal after I adjusted my adaware settings and restarted my comp.

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