Firefly vs pax?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by alessawolf, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Hey there anyone with some vape experience give me there opinion on which of these to buy? getting it today after work and im stuck deciding between them, any advice or experiences?

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  2. If it was me..............I'd get the FireFly. 
  3. I own a Pax, and very happy with it. Just keep it clean.
  4. Pax for sure.
  5. Never tried a firefly but my pax rips hard...right now actually.

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  7. I love my PAX. The two are on par with each other, BUT, ime the PAX holds a battery charge better, has adjustable heating, fits my hand better and is more user friendly. All the talk about combustion is bogus. I tried and couldn't repeat it so I'm going to say that was a few FF units. I sold mine after two weeks. The PAX just suits me better for size, stealth, and user friendliness. And I think it pulls easier and produces better vapor. A lot of people complain about flavor, but it's baking the weed. So it still tastes better than burning it to me.
    The grasshopper looks promising.... But still waiting to hear from them.
  8. the firefly looks like its a pain in the ass to maintain with having to brush off the unit to clean. it seems less stealthy unlike the pax which you can just hide in your hand.
  9. I have a pax.  Its perfect for hiking etc.  Its small and IMO holds a long charge.  I love my pax.

    That being said I want a firefly BAD.  It tastes better AND uses less herb because it is convection rather than conduction.  But its bigger and costs a bit more.  Also the battery life isn't as good, but you can buy spare batteries.  

    I think each one has its place, but if size doesn't matter, and you don't mind a spare battery...then the firefly is the one to try IMO.  I haven't tried one but I'm in the market for one eventually.
  10. Check out the Indica Vaporizer. It is being released soon and is at that price point. Vitolo over at FC already has it. He described it as everything you like about the Pax without the hassle of cleaning it constantly. Here's a video he made:

    Because that's what he's got! lol
  12. it gives out a really good vape if packed right,perfect size and feel plus u get a 10year warranty. What else can u ask for?
    A vape that works on convection with instant on/instant off heat so that the vape is not constantly cooking my herb during heat up, in between hits and as it's cooling down.    What does this accomplish?   Less smell and along with the vape wasting less bud due to it constantly being cooked.   Also, I would like an all glass vapor path for better taste.
    While the above may not be important to some, it is VERY important to me.
    So in answer to your question, THAT is what else I could ask for.
    Many Pax users complain of how hard it is to maintain. This is because it often needs to be kept very clean to avoid the "temp light" issue.
    I wouldn't say that the FireFly is super easy to clean, but it is easier than the Pax.
    @OP - whenever anyone asks which vape they should buy the response should be "what are you looking for in a vape?"
    Pax = more smelly, hotter vapor, easier to load and use right out of the box.
    FF = more "technique" dependent, a little more awkward to load, cooler vapor, bigger learning curve.
    If you want big hot hits quickly and don't mind the smell go with the Pax.
    If you want cooler hits, don't mind working on your "technique", and are o.k. with having a larger, heavier unit then go with the FireFly.

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