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  1. Hey GC, today I finally received my firefly from ebay (paid $225) and am very satisfied. Throughout this review, I will consider design/build, price, vapor quality, portability, and battery life.

    Design : the design of the Firefly seems to be very high quality. It is somewhat heavy, and feels strong in the hand. The way the top lid is magnetized is very nice. It makes it easy to load a clear a bowl quick and hassle free, where is other vapes can be a bit more difficult to empty out. The only true con of the build on this vape Iwould say is the button you click to heat it up. Its not bad, but has gotten stuck on me more than once. It works perfect, im just afraid that it could bust down the road.

    Price : At $225, this was totally worth it to me. I have personally owned numerous vaporizers, such as extreme q, davinci, davinci ascent, pax, volcano, vivape 2, magic flight box, and more. And suprisingly, this firefly is my favorite, mainly because the vapor quality has literaly topped anythimg I have tried, and others seem to agree.

    Portability : the Firefly is somewhat portable, but not discreet at all, this is where pax ploom shines. Personally I woild not carry this to go often, as I prefer to walk around the house with it. If your lookibg for discreetness and portabilty, your better off with a pax.

    Battery Life : worst part of this vape. It only takss 45 min. To charge, but last about 30 good draws. Mind you, this is definitely enough, however is not anything to rely on if your on the go. At least the battery pops out, so you can purchase another one as a spare.

    Vapor Quality : The quality of vapor that the Firefly produces is excellent. If you have used a volcano, this puts it to shame when it comes to flavor. There is no popcorn flavor. Its almost as if your smoking it for how flavorful it is. The davinci ascent cant compare to this in capor qualoty in any way. In fact, no vaporizer can IMO. This suprised me so much, making it my favorite vape to use when at home hangin by myself.

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    You're not alone in stating that the FF is about the best tasting portable on the market and is even better tasting than may desktops, especially those that use whips and bags for delivery systems.
  3. If it's from Ebay for $225 does that mean that it's fake or is it a real one? I guess it could be used. I would like to take apart one from ebay and one direct from Firefly and see if there's any differences. Just thinking out loud. 
    Good review and I too agree about the taste. 

  4. I beleive it is real, if it is somehow a knockoff it has the same quality of an authentic, my friend bought his from a local shop for 275 and ours are identical
  5. Yeah. The Firefly does have better than average vapor quality and aside from its looks; it is the key selling factor. IT is fairly easy to use and maintain. However, it has a poor battery life. 

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