Firefighters let house burn down over $75 unpaid fee

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    [ame=""]YouTube - Firefighters Let House Burn Down Over $75[/ame]

    wow I can't stand the government at times....why should anybody trust them when they pull shit like this?
  2. same thing happens here if you dont have the fire protection shit. if they come to your house on call its like 500 bucks an hour or some shit... ridiculous
  3. What??????!!!!!!!!!!
  4. that's just unheard of honestly.. 75$? He didn't pay so they let his house and personal property just burn.. fuck that.
  5. r u kidding me how the fuck do you insert liberal agenda into that

    what do conservatives have to do with anything just saying and i dont need some dude to fuckin preach to me
  6. who is preaching to you Golgi..? lul im lost
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    Wow just because theres a video in my first post this got moved to the videos section?

    Can I please have this moved to general or news or anything else because this is more about the story than the video thank you very much....
  8. Firefighters arent paid a fee. Thats the city's thing. I can see two reasons why they didnt do anything.

    One, the house was already beyond saving

    Two, Political pressure from the Mayor. The Chief works directly for him

    If there were people in there, they would have gone in, but no lives were apparently at stake.

    Also, why didnt they just pay the $75 in the first place? They apparently didnt think they needed the FD so why are they complaining now. I guess some people think this is a free service.
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    Still...75$? SMH
  10. He knew he was supposed to pay he said "I figured they would put one out even if i didnt pay the $75" So its his fault
  11. So you are saying we shouldnt have to pay for any of the city's services, but expect them anyway? Where do you think their funding comes from?

    Im pretty sure they werent just standing there laughing at him. Look at my #2 reason. They were probably told to stand down. The mayor was probably the one who said not to do anything. From talking to many firefighters I can tall you they were itching to go in. Thats what they do.

    Well if you dont mind being fired, sure. Not many would follow though. It takes a lot for a ff to get fired, but disobeying a direct order is a quick way to do it. Its the same as the military.
  12. Our tax dollars pay their salaries.
  13. And the equipment.

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