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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by madgeezy, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. ok so im about to make firecrackers on friday cause im buying a quarter o of dank and if they fail i still have shit to smoke :D. However i got a couple of questions first will jif creamy/crunchy work because i heard natural peanut butter is the only way to go but i saw that some people said that it worked so idk :(. Also i heard to get more baked that you should use oil and my question is can i use vegetable/cooking oil and also do i mix the peanut butter and the oil and then spread on crackers then sprinkle weed or spread peanut butter sprinkle weed then put on oil THANKS :wave:
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    I'm subbed I'm going on vacation next month and want to be off my shit On them I want know if you plan on cooking them or the sit out method?

    I think jiff will work. I'd put some cooking oil on them as well. They have a good thread on this by the way!

    But i think if you grinded the weed put it in the oil for like 3 days and you then spread that sweet concoction on some peanut butter covered crackers you'd be on to something!

  3. it doesnt matter if the pb is natural or not, just make sure its not low fat, because you need as much fat as possible to absorb the thc. not sure about the crunchy thing, but i have heard from different people about different opinions with the oil. some say it works some say it doesnt
  4. Bad advice right here ^^. you want natural because it does not have hydrogenated oils which dont work with firecrackers.
  5. ive only made them a couple times but have been successful .look at a bunch of recipes in the incredible edible herb section and find a good one.

    but mix the oil and peanut butter, then spread it on 2 crackers and sprinkle theweed on each one and make a sandwich. wrap them in foil and cook them..
  6. It does work with non-natural peanut butter, so it's not bad advice.
  7. Alright ill use jif and do what you guys said
  8. I use regular ass peanut butter. It's got less fat/oils than the organic, so I'll take a bit of butter, put it in a bowl with the peanut butter, and microwave them together until the butter melts. Then I mix them together and freeze it for 5-10 minutes to get it back to the original viscosity.

    You want to take 1g of the dank, and grind it up. Decarboxylize the bud in the oven in a bit of foil. Temp is around 220 degrees F for 20 minutes.

    Then take the bud out of the oven, and turn the temp up to like 310 degrees. Wait for it to heat. While it's heating higher, mix your decarboxylized 1g with the fatty peanut butter and put between the crackers and wrap back up in foil. Bake for 15-20 minutes.

    Takes 1-2 hours to kick in. Take on an empty stomach for best results.

    * also, you can let the bud sit in the peanut butter sandwiched between the crackers and wrap it up. After 3-7 days all the THC will be extracted from the bud, so there is no baking required. It's a no fail method.

    Good luck!
  9. Really I heard you can just mix the peanut butter and oil then spread it on the cracker then sprinkle. Then cook at 320 for 25 min
  10. I've used Jif multiple times and got blasted each time. OP, make sure you decarb your bud first (wrap in tin foil and bake at 225 or so for 20 minutes to a half hour.)
  11. I've made at least 100 using jif. Grind the weed up as much as possible, sprinkle some on the cracker that already has pb on it. Mix it up using the top cracker. Wrap it as tight as possible with foil. Bake em at 350 for about 17 mins. I dip mine in chocolate when they come out but you can just eat em.
  12. so if i want to decarb my weed i wrap my weed in aluminum foil put in 20 min @ 220 then put it on the crackers and cook for 17-25 min @ 320

  13. and then you put it in your body @ 420 :smoke:
  14. lawlz well cant i just mix the oil and the peanut butter spread it on the crackers sprinkle weed and then just cook it at 320 for 25 minutes or does it really matter if i decarb it
  15. [quote name='"madgeezy"']lawlz well cant i just mix the oil and the peanut butter spread it on the crackers sprinkle weed and then just cook it at 320 for 25 minutes or does it really matter if i decarb it[/quote]

    Yes, it fucking matters if you decarb it.

    And I would use nutella if you have it
  16. really ive only seen in recipes that 220 for 20 min and people were like to cold to short but then if thats just decarbing then it makes sense and ive seen on other recipes that you just spread sprinkle bake 320 for 25 min and arent you supposed to use pb with the most fat if so then jif is the best cause it has 17g per serving and nutella only has 11 i heard nutella just tastes better
  17. Dude I already said earlier just heat up butter and mix the fatty peanut butter with the regular peanut butter. Don't even worry about oil, and please read my previous post I walked you through it in a few sentences. Decarboxylization makes it in edible form.
  18. @ rasta haze so to decarb it do i just put the bud in tinfoil and heat it at 220 for 20 min and does the bud need to be grinded when i decarb it?
  19. Yes and yes. Weight out a gram, grind it up, and put it in foil and make it airtight. The foil is to keep the bud from burning or igniting, even 'vaping'. 220 degrees, 20 minutes. Now it's ready to be eaten, but needs the fats. Like I said, throw in a chunk of butter. Then mix the gram with the pb, wrap in more foil, 310-330 degrees for 15-20 minutes. It's super simple after your first time.

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