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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Relleck, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. So my parents went away for the weekend about two weeks ago, that night I made 6 firecrackers with 1gram of high dank,3 grams abv and .5 of kief. Now I gave my friends the firecrackers and they said they didn't feel much. I saved a firecracker for me to try but since I'm on a t-break till 420 the firecracker will be sitting there for 5 weeks total, would this end up making me sick from rotting or just will it work better due to the time?
  2. The question is why make them when your on a t-break? Your best bet would have been to just wait, but i can see that since the rents left why not make them?

    But no, I probably wouldn't eat it.
  3. I made them expecting to eat it the next day, but my friend came over and smoked me up on a 8th so I didn't feel a need to eat it. I've seen things saying edibles get stronger as the days go by, and since its just peanut butter, could it really rot?
  4. No, thats a method to make firecrackers the "sit out method" they will get stronger and I dont think it will rot. I made some earlier ate one and wrapped the second in wax paper and its sitting in my desk for tomorrow. Though if I left it longer it would probably get stronger, but I've already cooked it so I dont know if the potency is increasing or not.

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