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Firecrackers Work! Detailed Instructions. (Pictures)

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by cannabiscool, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. okay, so i was thinking about how i always wanted to find a thread that showed me exactly how to do it, i found some, but i never heard what te outcome was, so i said"hey, i have some extra weed" so i tried it. hope i can help.

    ~Saltine Crackers
    ~Any Peanut Butter(All Natural Works Better)
    ~Atleast .5 grams of weed
    ~Alluminum Foil

    Step 1:

    Preheat your oven to 325-350F.


    Step 2:

    Get your ingredients ready.

    Step 3:

    Spread PB on every one side on every cracker.(two saltines makes one firecracker)


    Step 4:

    Sprinkle you finely ground weed onto each cracker.


    Step 5:

    Put the crackers together, and then wrap them up with foil.


    Step 6:

    Put them on a pan, and put them in the oven for about 25 minutes, and Enjoy!



    oh yeah by the way, i got so fucked up from eating both of those.

    oh and by the way again, they taste like complete shit.


  2. Good tutorial man, I LOVE firecrackers. Get's me soo fucked up. + rep

    EDIT: Gotta spread it around, sorry man.
  3. how bad does it smell when youre cooking them?
  4. it doesnt smell like weed at all, dont worry about the smell.
  5. damn, im still high, its 12:16, and i ate them at around 6:30.
  6. Wow. Great for those with nosy roommates. Real "money friendly" for someone workin alot for a little money, like me. Big ups, cannibiscool. +rep :smoking:
  7. haha im definitely trying this with my next sack..
  8. ^^^ yeah do it.
  9. Finally a good guide! gonnnaa try these... +rep man.

  10. Yeah man that's how it was for me. I ate them at 5:45, and was high until like 12:30
  11. i love this high.
  12. Really? can you describe it? im willing to try it if it sounds good :)
  13. im siked fool im getting a sack of some "baby dro" which sounds pretty lame but i smoked a joint today and was fucked up and am deff makin some of these +rep for sure
  14. well man i got probly like .75-1 gram on one firecracker. im getting another sack tonight and im making another. i dont bake mine tho. i just let them soak for like 3 days. im18 but in my last year of highschool so im gonna eat them on the first day of school this year.(tuesday) one when i wake up then one at lunch. im hoping to stay fucked up all day and all night. haha
    P.S. im probly gonna smoke a mad few bowls before school. and by the way again i got held back a year in 1st grade thats why im still in highschool. ok so it was 2 years. so what! so dont delete my account cos you think im underage or some shit.
  15. yeah bud, sure. okay, after about an hour and a half after eating them, all of a sudden i just felt really high, but i felt it way more in my body, and my muscles felt different, and then i just relaxed and enjoyed myself. but i didnt get couchlock, haha. its just an all around good high.
  16. Do you think it would make pysical work harder? i can work stoned fine but it sounds pretty different.. Hmm i dunno
  17. what kind of weed did you use? because it may be slightly wasteful if its real high quality stuff.
  18. Looks like he used some middies.
  19. KSR made one almos exactly like this, whats so hard about taking crackers, spreading some PB on it, and putting weed inside, n covering em up with tin-foil?

  20. I don't know, but people still manage to fuck it up.

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